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Project TJ swing away
This project has been long overdue, so I decided to tackle it last week. A little here and a little there to get it done right and looking good. A couple of thanks need to go out. George for the sleeve for the spindle which was the big hold up on this project. Eric for the carrier hub template. Mel for the 5 hours of free labor he donated to this project this evening. Damien for the free spindle missing a few pieces. Becha never thought I would actually get it to work huh? Kev for the 1 1/4" hole saw after I dusted mine on the first cut:whistle:
[Image: DSC_0129.jpg?t=1165736113]
this picture illustrates a problem I ran into at the onset of this project. This past summer when I welded in the receiver hitch, it bowed the bumper so that the high point is in the middle and the low points are at each end, by roughly 1/4" per side.
cool...about how much did that cost you in materials? And how much does a spindle like that cost?
[Image: DSC_0135.jpg?t=1165736323]
Yes, I did it. I took a grinder to the tailgate hinge. Why, you ask? Because I wanted the tire carrier to sit as inboard as possible and since the carrier no longer holds the weight it did earlier today, I trimmed it down about 3/8" to make way for the swing arm brace. I will do some touch up paint to stop corrosion and beautify the situation. Note that you do not have to grind at the hinge. I chose to. Lawson built the exact same carrier and did not grind the hinge but his carrier does sit more outboard.
[Image: 100_0008.jpg?t=1165736572]
by taking the body mounted OEM rubber bushings off of the tailgate, I was able to remount them on the tire carrier by drilling and tappin gthe hole and fastening them on there with lock tite. This makes for a snug tire fit. This tire carrier is capable of holding a 37" tire.
I got my spindle and bearings from Damien for free. You can get a decent one off of EBAY for 45 bucks.
Steel: $67
lug tempelate plate: $30
spool of welding wire: 2 1 pound spools at $8 per=$16
roughly $30 in grinder wheels, sawzall blades, and the primer and paint I will be using.
a quick note about spindles:
They are usually the most expensive portion of the build. I was very close to going with a Slee Offroad spindle with is well above the $100 range but well worth it. I went with this NXC homebrew spindle because it was free and George got me the hook up on the sleeve that goes with it.
A quick search on EBAY found spindles with bearings, races, etc, with no sleeve just like what I have for 44.95 plus shipt same price you could go to SixRoblees and build your own.
things left to do:
- Grind down all of the welds
- primer and paint it
- Weld on the securing pin assembly
- fab up and weld on a striker for the carrier rest against
- fab up twist support for bumper mount
- drill, tap and insert zerk fitting to grease spindle assembly

Supplies I need to do it:
1 zerk fitting
1 piece of rubber matting to mount against the striker
[Image: DSC_0130.jpg?t=1165737569]
where is this sixrobles place and what kind of stuff do they sell there?
At the corner on SOuth Cushman across the street from American Tire. They sell winches, trailer lighting and hardware, rims and stuff. 2 of the best hardware type places are right there on south cushman. 6Roblees and Power and Transmission
Looking good! Snap a shot of your locking pin. I had Six Roblees order a locking pin for me, but I want to see what others are using.

Of course, I would know if I had made it out there tonight...:oops: Nice thing about wheeling is your never done working on your rig!
Looks great Nate, glad I could help. sorry I did not make it out today.
I have zerk fittings, just let me know when you want to come over and grab one.

I have to find them first.
It came to gether real nice. Glad to help out what little I can. Take a straight on shot, I wanted to look at something.
[Image: DSC_0134.JPG]
I found the zerk fittings. Just come over and take the one you want. I have six different types.

Looks good.
Glad it all worked out. Look good too.
I wanted to see how it all lined up and how it looked when looking dead on at it. With the reciever showing
all right. Day 2 went very well. I am abot 1 hour away from being done.

I got the following stuff done today:
1. primed and painted
2. made bumpstop
3. made limiting stop
4. added 4 extra bolting attachment points
5. fabbed makeshift securing handle

...and Mel...dead on ! No kidding....dead on...

A couple of notes from today.
-Measure twice cut once, instead of vice versa.
-Also angle grinders bind and spit out the material, blade and all.
-Grade 8 bolts smoke sawzall blades in no time.
-Mel and I do better work prep and material layout on the garage floor than some businesses with millions of dollars in equipment.
-The hardest thing to do today was travel the shortest distance for materials. I was suppose to get to Marks house for a zerk fitting but I couldnt break away long enough.

Left to do:
touch up paint
install zerk fitting in spindle
de-burr bumpstop
permanently install rubber fittings on strikebar to stop any rattling that may occur
general clean up
[Image: DSC_0132.JPG]

[Image: DSC_0131_658487.JPG]
[Image: DSC_0130.JPG]

just for Mel.
[Image: DSC_0129_334337.JPG]
now that I have added pictures...
No, I didnt weld the bumper at any point to the frame. The bumper is completely removeable.
Yes, I sprayed the carrier while it was on the jeep and did get overspray. I was running out of cool points with the wifey so I had to get something on there quick so it wouldnt start rusting tomorrow when I drive it to work.

Note the wrench securing handle. I threw this together as time was running out and am unsure if I will fab up another one or keep this one. I like it, its half ghetto, half cool.
Looks great. Yeah it looks dead on. For some reason looking at from the other side last night it seemed off but no it's not. Did you touch up the tailgate hinges? I like the wrench latch. It's different. we might have done a great job prepping, mocking stuff up, and putting it together on the floor but man my knees and back sure didn't like this morning. And I assume when you say you added the extra bolting points you mean the bumper doesn't rock anymore. Smile
right. I added 1 lateral support tab with bolt going to the frame and 3 more of the nuts I got back on the alignment studs. I still need to easy out one of the lateral support tab bolts on the drivers side. Once I get a tab put in there, it will be that much stronger. I have no fears of the bumper coming off now.
looks great dude!!!!!

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