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Project TJ swing away
Looks good nate! :clap:
the final installment of the TJ swingaway:

The first drive was this morning. I can definately feel a difference in weight when I turn with the new carrier on but also because I got used to driving without a spare on the back. It is definately strong. I can hang off of it with the 100 pounds of tire, rim, and carrier as well as my 240 pounds of mAss still doesnt tweak the carrier frame.
I cleared enough of the tailgate hinge so that there is no rattling or creaking.
Did you fix that other bumper strap yet? put zerk fittion on the spindle? AM I just reminding you of things you need to do?
as of tonight, I wrapped up the last of things to do on the TJ swing away. Added the strap on the drivers side for more stability and trimmed down the last stock snubber to give support against the tailgate. Now there is no bouncing. I am very happy with this bumper and look forward to making more.

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