Poll: Do you plan on doing a motor swap?
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happy with original engine
4 23.53%
going for more displacement
4 23.53%
tweaking the internals of the current one
2 11.76%
already swapped
4 23.53%
No. I didn't know you could do that
0 0%
3 17.65%
Total 17 vote(s) 100%
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Homepage Poll: Do you plan on doing a motor swap?
Doh! Trumped!
Within the next 2 or 3 years my Jeep will be sporting A 350.
If I have my way, I'll be swapping in a 12HT 4 liter turbo diesel engine. Unfortunately they're a pretty in-demand swap and currently go for about $6000 in running condition Sad

If I can't do that I'll go with either a 3FE or 2FE swap. A 2FE is basically my current engine with the 3FE head, but my current engine isn't suitable for that swap. The rotating parts are different than what I'd need.

Either way, my swaps revolve around eliminating a carburetor more than anything else.
Well, my first of two possible engine swaps is almost done. Should be running by Thursday.

It has definately been one of the easiest motor swaps I've ever seen.
well my 85 decided to try and call my bluff and spit out the timing chain . so i have the engine half apart now and now im sitting there looking at it ,,, all i have to do is diconnect the tranny and starter loosen the motor mounts and she would be out ..and be half way to sliding the 5.o in !

then i keep thinking about my kid and christmas coming .......it all about decisions right ?

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