Poll: Winter tire preference
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5 31.25%
2 12.50%
3 18.75%
MTs siped
1 6.25%
0 0%
Studless winter tire (blizzak)
5 31.25%
Total 16 vote(s) 100%
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Homepage Poll: Winter tire preference
What have you heard works well?
What do you have experiences with?
What tastes best?
You should add Blizzex tires to the poll. There about the best non stud ice traction you can get.
I agree, you need to add winter type non-studded tires, that is highly siped like the Blizzaks. Also, another factor is type of rig and use is really important as far as I can tell. Like I use BFG AT on my Tacoma year round, but these same tires suck really bad on by Land Cruiser on ice/hard pack roads. So, long wheelbase vs short wheelbase, weight of vehicle, on road only, alot of off road-deep snow, ect...
I was very very impressed with the Blizzaks that were on Dean's tow rig. No slipping, even when towing a trailer and Jeep.
Yeah I didn't even take into account blizzaks...but when I made up the choices I was thinking offroad rather than onroad. Onroad I'd go blizzaks/winter duelers all the way. Offroad, my BFG AT's rock out with their socks out, and chains would only help in the deep packed-in stuff.
added blizzak.
I voted blizzak, but was assuming on road tires. Chains would be winter preference for offroading though.
the chains worked great saturday on my stock station wagon up banner creek . they dont take to thrashing on rocks well, but performed as promised up and down the dang hill . as a side note not all chains are equal !

i really like the ease of the cable style chain with the auto adjust feature keeps em from spreading and hitting wheel well and keeps it much smoother to drive with on highway . but everything is a give and take and the down side is i believe the cable dont provide as much traction as a basic link type snow chain .
Blizzzzzaks all the way baby. onroad as well as offroad (up to a foot of snow anyway) I dead towed ziggy's k1500 a loooong way in about a foot of snow, uphill, sidehill, downhill... it was great.
chains are great if they fit well.
I voted siped MTs , they are obviosly not as good as a softer compound tire like blizzaks made specifically for on road ice driving but they are not bad if siped heavily, although with the bigger and more open lug design they can dig and churn snow alot better.
Triple studded MTs?

My winter tires are actually a sticky compound siped tread just like the Blizzaks...But mine have studs too Big Grin

If only they were taller than 28"...
I had siped BFG AT's last year and Truxs MTs this year. I can tell you that the MTs handle much better than the ATs did.
I've never run siped MT's - from my experience - for most trucks, for an all-season all-around tire, I reccomend BFG AT's as I think they do the best that I have personally driven in all conditions. The only place they don't do well is deep goo. However, ice, snow, rocks, gravel, dry roads, rain, sand - all these places the AT's do very well and don't tend to wear out too quickly.

As I said, though, I have not driven siped (nor studded) MT's.

I was impressed with the blizzaks for an on road winter tire, but they do not do well on dry pavement (they wear way too fast) and I wonder how they would tear up in rocks although they may have good traction for 1 run or so....
Blizzaks do great when they are new because of the soft outer layer. They are a good choice if you do not put many mileson them. The problem I've seen with them is thatFairbanks roads are icy only a few days a year (relativley). The dry pavemeny eats them up, and unless you wait until late and take 'em off early, they don't last too long considering the price they go for. One of the first years they were available, all the state trooper cars were outfitted with them. They were great for the first two months, and were bald in three. But that's about 30,000 miles.
Ya just gotta keep in mind the tradeoffs - the softer the tire, the better traction but the faster they'll wear.
I'll sipe and stud my BFG Mud Terrains. Not as good on the ice as some, but I can buzz around town and go wheelin' too. 'Course, 7200 pounds of truck helps too!

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