Poll: What do you run with your winch?
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wire rope (cable)
8 33.33%
7 29.17%
wool yarn
3 12.50%
I don't have a winch yet
6 25.00%
Total 24 vote(s) 100%
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Homepage Poll: Wire rope or synthetic?
Advent Wrote:I dunno man...17 pound test doesn't seem tough enough...

And I opted to go full boar for the 20 pound test and a Shakespeare winch!!
sevenslats Wrote:I want to know how that wool yarn is working out for you, Kyle, Brandon and Dave.

It's working out pretty well. I put on my warm wool pants, then go push/pull GIR around in the snowy parking lot.
Wire rope is on the rig. Synthetic line is stil in the agrage

It's one of those when I get around to it deals. And since it ain't broke...

Also, if I unspool the wire rope, where do I store it? And do I take it with me as a sapre considering the weight of my rig? If so, again, where? I suppose I could coil it up and keep it under the rear seat / spare tire - Rolleyes I really need to get a rear tire carrier built and tie down rings installed behind such said seat.
I still have my old wire rope in the garage. 80' in a 24" coil with 6 zip ties.

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