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wayne's 67 scout build up thread
ok well i have been starting to get things rolling for the 67' .

1st i had to make a nice work space for her so i spent all weekend reworking my shop and installed 2 more nice heavy duty benches , and reorginized all my tools and shelves ..much better .

so now that i have a nice clean enviroment to work in again time to get it dirty !

i have some dents to work on and some minor rust through areas , but for being a life long 40 years vehicle of fairbanks its extremely minor .

but i have some ideas im rolling around for direction to go ..this will not be my trail rig but a family rig , traveling and camping in , it will be a new old truck if you know what i mean . upgrade everything that will make it safe and road worth y for the next 40 yrs .

but i have a couple pics i like to show ya of how i could see my rig go .
[Image: scout800slamed.bmp]
[Image: minestock800.jpg]

i really like this one ,this is the original color of mine as well
sexy and simple , i love it

[Image: scout800.jpg]
or exotic with a IH 392 v-8 torque monster ! [Image: FlamedRod-vi.jpg]
here is mine as she sits right now ...

[Image: 100_2780.JPG]
That really looks sharp!
Fix_It Wrote:[Image: minestock800.jpg]

i really like this one ,this is the original color of mine as well
I kind of like the idea of a 4.8 Chevy (nice and light, decent power, not enough power to get into trouble). That would give you decent milage and a great fuel injection setup.
yes but it kinda takes the charm away from the scout .. i have no worries of lifting the 196 ci for a 392 IH at least i kept with the IH theme .. its like going to the hot rod shows and seeing this big dallar paint job on a ford pick up and looking under the hood and see a cheap bow tie under there .

i want this to stay IH . i think it looses something if i dont . the 196 right now runs like a dream with great torque and smooth ..i drove it here from fairbanks after sitting for 20 yrs !

but thanks for the ideas advent .
Well, the reason I suggest the 4.8 is mostly power to weight. You'll lose weight even going from the 4 cylinder.

You could look into the 4.6 Powerstroke that Ford's using...You'd stay International, and it'd be cool as heck.
see now your talking ! yep the 4cyl iron block is heavier than most 350's ! my 196 is literaly half of a 392 with right side heads blocked off . it has massive mains and journals its way over built .. its not fast but when i was heading out of fairbanks i hit those steep hills at 55 i was still doing 55 mph at the top !

thats some good thinking Advent .
It aint IH, but about the most common swap for scouts I've ever seen is a 440 mag. It's a lot lighter than a 345 or a 304, and cheaper to get parts for.

But I'm with you - stay IH!!!!!

Go, Cornbinder, go!!!!!!
Advent Wrote:Well, the reason I suggest the 4.8 is mostly power to weight. You'll lose weight even going from the 4 cylinder.

You could look into the 4.6 Powerstroke that Ford's using...You'd stay International, and it'd be cool as heck.

FYI, the 4.6L used by Ford is made by Tritan, not powerstroke. I'd take the 4.8L Vortec Chevy or pretty much any motor over it.

I like keeping it stock though.
Not the gasser, the diesel.

Triton and Powerstroke are only brand names for Ford and International.

Edit: I was wrong, it's a 4.5L diesel.
well today i dove in deep ... i had bought some 16 GA steel 4x4 sheet and some weldable primer and lots of cutting wheels and seam sealer and rust converter from napa .

i cut out the drivers side floor board and body mount >>>it was toast ..after i broke off the spot welds i found some dime size rust holes on the rocker side of where the floor board met ..

so i have made up some test panels out of folder material ,till i had the shape and size i needed and marked it up . after cleaning all the flaky rust off the floor. found out how much was still reusable i marked out where i wanted to cut ..made sure to look under it as well and had to move the fuel and brake lines out of the way so i had clear area to cut . took a deep breath and step into the point of no return ...

one beautiful thing abouth this truck is all the floor boards are just flat sheet metal and like 14 GA thick makes it a sinch to draw out and work on ,,no fancy bends or stamps here !
as soon as i find my cable port for the camera i will down load todays progress .
You sound like a pro. Helping me build my fenderwells should be a cinch for you! Sounds like fun huh? :lol: That scout is gonna be sweet!
Wayne, where do you find the time!
Yeah, give me some of that.
easy find a beautiful wife who lets me work out of the house and i get to play in my garage all day while robin is at school and april is at work...... pure bliss !!!

this year i had bought my business license and have been working out of my house ...makes commute in the morning great !
Fix_It Wrote:and have been "working" out of my house ...makes commute in the morning great !
Now there's something I've yet to see at that house:whistle: :lol:
thats because you only drive by and never actually stop ... then tell me you were here to ask us to come to my favorite dinner ....after the fact ...yup sure pal ...

i know its hard to see my house with the garage door open and all must be a ford thing ...brakes dont work well enough to stop once you get it going
last night i spot welded in the repaired rocker panel so now i have a clean strong welding surface and support for the new floor board all around . in the rocker panel i also bent a 90* for the support . all 1 peice trying to make as few seams as possible to help prevent future rust .

the floor board its self is 1 peice with 3 bends 1 at 45 * for the fire wall and 2 90 * to attach to the new rocker panel . it fit great today i will finish welding it in once i weld in the floor stifiners and body mount that go through the floor by your feet .

i will take pics of all this i promise as soon as i figure out whats up with my stupid camera i keep eating batteries in like 5 -10 minutes ... so as soon as i take em i have nothing left to down load ...errr
sorry for no updates in a while , life happens ...

well after tearing out all the rubber mats and weird black goo they used under it (read nightmare) i found some prefound rust where the water leaks from the floor air vents anf gets trapped . both sides were identical . but on the pass side was alot worse as you can see ..where the seat brackets bolt in i was able to push my pinky through it test for a place to weld new metal too i have alot more cutting on this side to do .

but here is the pass side floor board . [Image: 100_2849.JPG]
[Image: 100_2847.JPG]
this is the repaired floor board that i finished with my home brew sheet metal brake . it has 3 bends 1 45 * and 2 @ 90 * . the primer you see is a weld through primer from napa works great . lets prime both sides of the metal and still weld the spot welds to glue em together leave a good protective barrier between oldand new metals on both sides .

[Image: 100_2845.JPG]
the black primer you see is a napa rust convertor to stop the old rust and turns it into a black primer you see .

this next picture is the brake i made out of angle iron and some 3/8 plate and 2 9/16 bolts ..the only reason for the materials i used was i already had it and it was free so if i messed this up i was out nothing ..and i was only going off what i had in my mind to make it work ... i got lucky ... the only thing i had to modify was to brace the under neath for bending the 16 Ga she wanted to flex real bad .but with the new bracing it fixed most of it . as you can see in the last picture it made clean tight bends . what you cant see is the 2 other 90 * bends welded to the new rocker panels i made ..i will look for the other pic of those .

[Image: 100_2852.JPG]

[Image: 100_2853.JPG]
here is the rocker panel with the floor board all in one peice so i have less seems for a cleaner look and hope to last longer . [Image: 100_2846.JPG]

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