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YJ Re-build
21 Jun 06
I started to tear the YJ down. I’m going though my 94 YJ getting it ready for the NV4500 transmission and the Atlas II 4.3. I am starting with the rear axle. Spacers are coming off and I’m sending the Dynatrac 35 spline 60 axle shafts and rotors down to my friend Carl at Jantz 4x4 to have them re-drilled so I can run a 6 lug rims without spacers. The shafts are already double drilled at 5 on 4.5 and 5 on 5.5, the rotors are triple drilled with the stock Caddy bolt pattern. The spacers took an hour to get off. They where two piece 5 on 5.5 to 6 lug adapters and I had to weld a nut to 5 of the counter sink bolts because they where striped. Nate already has my rear drive shaft in the rear of his TJ. I had to swap his out for the 06 Alaskan M&G.

My belly up skid plate, AX-15 transmission, NP 231 transfer cases. PM me if interested in any of this.

As far as other things I will be doing. Moving gas tank to the rear so I can move the rear axle back further has been put on hold. Pulling the rear 60 ARB and rebuilding and re-pluming with new heavy duty air lines, winch rebuild and synthetic line, front bumper redesign, cage work, rear main seal, ARB switches and wires rerun, front fender work, rocker redesign and possibly remove the front 44 and rotate the knuckles even more. After all is said and done I should be rolling on 40" tires and beadlocks. This isn’t going to be fast and I won’t have my YJ back as soon as I had hoped, but this need to be done right the first time.

22 Jun 06,
I have the shafts pulled and ready for packing. I have never had the Pro Rock 60 shafts out before. Man are they beefy. 35 spline and 1.50" thick all the way down no tapering at all. I also pulled the wire rope off of my winch and then pulled my winch off to get sent down to Six States for service. The break doesn’t work under a medium to heavy load. It just spools back out. I hate dealing with Six States. They have the worst customer service, that Dan guy never calls you back and they have screwed up a few drive-shaft orders of mine. I have no choice though Warn will not work with me and won’t send the parts to me so I have to send it. I will say I will never buy a Warn winch again unless it’s used and a good price. I need to pull the front bumper also and have to put in a press to straighten in out. The base plate that the winch bolts to has been pulled up from recovering to many full size trucks too often. No more of that either. If your bigger then me I’m not winching you unless it’s life or death, sorry.

On another note my 4500 and Atlas is being built and ships in 8 days. Advanced Adapters just called me to double check everything and make sure I didn’t change my mine on what I wanted.
I have been asked if I plan to make her a trailer queen and the answer is no. My YJ will most likely never be a towed to trail rig. Trail only rigs tend to not get the attention they need and break down a lot. My YJ will still be my daily driver till the day I destroy it. Don’t want to see it happen but with the trails I run it will someday. Everyone is initialed to at least one roll over.

23 Jun 06,
It’s looking like it will be some time until the YJ is ready to wheel. I will slowly work on the MJ so I still have something to wheel in the mean time and I have been getting the XJ back together also. My wife Heather took it out the other night for a sort wheel.
I’m thinking of going with the 40" MTR's, they have to be 17" rims. If I go 39.5" IROKS I'll just get some weld-em-on yourself steel locks. That’s later on the list.

30 Jun 06,
I picked up the NV4500 today. Pat, Kevin and I opened it. I think Pat was more excited then me. Maybe that’s because I know how much work is ahead of me. The Atlas II and kit parts should be on their why soon

05 Jul 06,
UPS just dropped off the bellhousing and kit parts. Last thing to show up is the Atlas II.

06 Jul 06,
The 231 T/C needs to come out and I need to test the transmission with the T/C out then the transmission needs to be dropped, bell and all the clutch parts. I have the NV4500 so we can start mock up of the install and cross-member build.
Here is a quick list of stuff I have to work on:

Pull 231 and test
Pull ax-15 and have tested for MJ
Install 4500 & atlas II
Build cross-member
Call ARB for locker info
Pull ARB and fix seal
Mail 60 shafts & rotors
Mail winch
Wire ARB switches
Pull bumper and fix bend
Cut light bar and build stinger
Finnish cage
Remove gas tank
Move rear axle back
Order and install new gas tank
Order driveshafts
Research rear brakes
Install Crane front 44 cover
Rotate front 44 knuckles more

Fan relay
Build front long arms
Control arm skids
Head liner
Put YJ 231 in the XJ if good
9.25 swap need gears, possibly 4.88
Find axle for front swap, possibly waggy 44 with air springs

Rocker armor
Rocker sliders
I6 stroker build
Bed cage
30 locker install
Control arm skids

Oil change

Dune Buggy
Kingpin rebuild
order Front tires

06 Jul 06, 10:41 pm
That was fun! 2T2 & 28-This stopped by and helped me pull the T/C & AX-15 out. It is defiantly the AX-15 that’s shot. I can see the broken teeth on the 5th gears though the output shaft. 28-This got gear oil all over him removing the tranny. 2T2 and I where trying to tell him but he thought it was just going to hit him in the nadds. Thanks guys. Next is to pull the clutch and replace the rear main and oil pan seals. Then the real fun part starts, putting the NV4500 in.

07 Jul 06,
Advance Adapters called to tell me my Atlas II should be here today.
Happy, happy, jump, jump!

07 Jul 06, 10:05 pm
Atlas II showed up and it's big! I have all the parts to start the swap.

08 Jul 06,
Advance Adapters fails to provide directions, but there are plenty of write-ups on the web. I hope.

09 Jul 06,
YJ NBM point of view:

We started by dropping the exhaust, removed the clutch and flywheel, replaced the rear main seal, and changed the oil pan gasket. While we were in there we checked the torque on the rod caps and did a visual on everything, finding a crack in the flywheel. After that was all done....

....there was excuse enough to bust into the Atlas and start running the sight tube and trying to start into the shift linkage. I gotta say, I personally never thought, as a wheeler, that I would see a Pro Rock 60, Atlas T case, and a 4500 tranny in person, much less all in one place. Eric caught me twice trying to put the T case under my shirt and ease towards the door...Wink

and so the trail continues for project Holeproof YJ. It's looking kinda sad and depressed right now, but things will start looking up soon.

09 Jul 06,
It was fun working on it again and in good company both of these last few times. I didn’t like the way the pressure plate looked either so I have a new extra Centerforce one here I’ll swap it out. I will need to replace the Flywheel so if I go Centerforce with that I will just order a clutch disk also. I ripped out all the old airlines between the 30 and NP231. I need to get this all done before I can test fit the tranny & T/C.

10 Jul 06,
As far as the flywheel, Centerforce doesn’t make one for Jeeps. I’ll need to start looking I don’t want a cheep NAPA one.
Flywheel Update:

Omix-Ada has new Jeep flywheels at a good price so I'll order one of those up.

11 Jul 06,
I just wanted to state that my reman NV4500 without a core was cheaper then having my AX-15 rebuilt last time.

31 Jul 06,
Have the flywheel coming. Now I can get the tranny & T/C in .
Had a bird living in the Jeep. I kept finding bird crap on the inside of my YJ and thought my top was really messed up. Come to find that a bird must have flew up the tranny cover hole and had a hard time finding it's way out.

02 Aug 06,
What I did tonight.
[Image: YJ%20rocker%20tube.jpg][/url]

[Image: YJ%20rocker%20tube%202.jpg]

Still need to finish the other side, paint and reseal with RTV. I also got the flywheel in so as soon as this is done I will start with the NV4500 install. Should have just enough tube left to make the cross-member

03 Aug 06,
I want to make sure I get all the armor and tube work done before it goes back on the road. With all this new mobility and traction I know I’m going to get myself in some bad spots. So best bet is to do it all now so I don’t end up telling myself I should have do that first.
Well it’s time to hang the NV4500? Thinking tomorrow sometime. I need to go get a helical set to fix some striped bolt holes in the timing chain cover. Also I’m sealing my light bar on the bumper, and cross-member skid plate. Contact me if you’re interested in any of that.

04 Aug 06,
Found out that I need to pull the seal off the back of the NV4500 for the Atlas to fit. Also we need to put just the transmission in first as the T/C has to be test fitted and moved a whole bunch. I love the lack of instructions Advance Adapters gives with their kits.
ARB ROCKS. They are sending me rebuild kit and 0-rings no charge. I still need to drill the vent tube out some just to be sure, but this should stop the oil leak under the hood from the air lines.

04 Aug 06, 05:48 pm
Well today sucked. I did finished up the rock rails.
[Image: YJ%20rocker%20bars.jpg]

I pulled the oil pan to fix the treads in the timing cover and on the second one the cheap ass tap snaps. In aluminum! I wasn’t ever forcing it. I got the tap out and the tread repair in but still have one more that needs to be done. I need to get a new oil pan gasket too. This one wasn’t even used and I ruined it when I had to remove the oil pan. I got the bellhousing on the 4500 last night and that was a pain. The tolerances between the input baring retainer and the bell housing were off. I had it file the retainer down a bit to make it fit. Then the atlas wouldn’t go on, come to find out I need to remove the output seal. These would be good things to put in the directions that they don’t send.

08 Aug 06,
I’m ready for a test fit of the NV4500. I put the Atlas shift levers together 3 times last night so I could get a good feel on how they worked and how the Atlas shifted. Not as difficult shafting two levers as I thought it would be. You can shift both at the same time with one hand. The 4500 I put together a few times also and took some pre measurement on the cross-member, but now need to test fit it all to see where all the clearances are. On other things my YJ is now chrome free. The Grill is green like the rest of the Jeep and the light bar is gone. Gotta say the front looks pretty sad right now. I’m having some paint mixed up to match the Jeep so I can paint a few things.

10 Aug 06,
I just a call from my good friends down at Jantz 4x4 in WA. My 60 shafts and rotors are done and on there way back. Triple drilled lug pattern. 5 on 4.5, 5 on 5.5 and 6 on 5.5. I needed to do this since I didn’t like to run the two piece spacers. I also have the paint to mach the Jeep I will be spraying a few this tonight.
I have not done the test fit of the tranny and t/c. I may or may not have to take it back out to build the cross-member. I hope not. I priced tires at $410 each today. I am out of money so it might still sit for a bit. I still have hubs and a Crane diff cover here for the front.

12 Aug 06,
The NV4500 is in and I couldn’t have done it with out Nate and Scott. Thanks a ton guys. We sat it on an ATV jack then lifted it up with an engine hoist though the tranny access hole. Scott muscled it in place while I tried to keep the bellhousing straight and Nate kept the hoist from damaging my dash. It seemed too easy at first and soon we knew why. One of the dows popped out of the block and wouldn’t let the bolt go straight. After a lot of messing around with it Nate took over and had together in no time. Next is the tranny mount.

21 Aug 06, 03:01 pm
I have the Atlas up and on the tranny, I started to cut the floorboards for the twin sticks, next is a cross member to hold it all in place, then as soon as I get the o-rings from ARB get the axle back together. Time and money has come down to not moving my rear axle back any more at this time, with the tranny & T/C the new drive shaft is 2" longer then the old setup. Also Goodyear just called and my new 40" MTR’s are 3 weeks out. Yes I ordered a spare, but I still need rims. They are 40x13.50R17. I am thinking that on a wider rim plus bead locks and lower tire pressure they will be a true 37-38" tire. I never ran more then 15-20psi in the 37" MTR's on the street and would drop as low as 5psi off-road with out bead locks so we'll see. I steel don't have rims and that alone will be awhile. I need to save up still.

22 Aug 06,
Well the rear end is all back together. New vent tube in the housing and o-rings on the ARB and it should be good to go. Man it the 60 ARB a tight fit. There is about 1/16-1/8" clearance between the ring gear and the bottom of the housing. Thanks to TJ who stopped by to help me throw it all back together. I hope to finish the cross-member tomorrow.

24 Aug 06,
Most of the cross-member is fabed. I need to notch and weld it up and she will sit on all 4’s once more. Drive shafts are all that stands between me and driving the YJ.
Awesome build man. Can't wait to see it driving down a trail.
Very, very nice. And a great thread clean up in the process.
Well last night the YJ roared to life once more. Not derivable yet but runs. I finished the crossmember and no more jackstands holding the tranny up. Starter is in bleeding the clutch and a bunch more little stuff. All of the fuel lines are shot from sitting for so long as soon as I started it gas poured out of everywhere.
is your shid plate part of your crossmember or do you need to fab up a new skid?
No the skid plate will be separate from the crossmember. That way I can have grater protection and remove it to do maintenance with out needing a jack to hold up the drive-train. An yes I still need to fab that up.
The YJ is derivable, thanks to Nate's bent shaft! I even did a bit of light 2wd wheeling last night and all I can say is wow. Still need to get the exhaust back up and fix the pouring gas leak and I will be able to start driving it. All in All far from done but this was a big step to overcome.
The NV4500 Gears are as such.
1- 5.61
2 -3.04
3 -1.67
4- 1.1
5- .07

Atlas II gear ratios. Crawl ratio with each Atlas
2.0 ..........................51.1632:1
3.0 ..........................76.7448:1
3.8 ..........................97.21008:1
4.3 ..........................110.00088:1
5.0 ..........................127.908:1
6.0 ..........................153.4896:1

I had a 46 something to 1 low gear ratio. OK for most tail rides but sucks on the rocks or bumpy trails. First gear ratio in high with the new set up is 25.5816:1. That’s better then half my old crawl speed . I think that should be OK for most trails. So the only time I see myself using low gear would be on the rocks and hard trails.
If the 4.3 Atlas in 4WH first gear of 25.5816:1 was too fast and 4WL of 110.00088:1
was too slow there is all ways second gear low witch is 59.60832:1. That is a nice touch slower them my old low crawl now with out being a dead turtle.


When do the tires arrive?
The tires should be here in 2-3 weeks. Don’t matter much, as I can not afford the rims for quit some time. I should be swapping the 35’s off of the YJ for you within the next week. Please let me know if you need them sooner. I was going throw a set of 31 blizaks on for the time being but one is missing a rim, so I need to dig up a 6-lug shop rim for it. I called Six States as they have had my winch for 3 mounts with out calling to tell me WTF is going on. But they said the new brake should be there tomorrow and they’ll have it shipped back soon. In the mean time I still need to pull the front bumper off and straighten it before I re-install the winch, synthetic line and one of the new fairleads.
I know where a rim is, but it's 70 road miles and 4 trail miles to get it. Lemme know when!
Got the exhaust back on and it’s really close to the body, I’ll fix later. Drives well, I need to do more adjustments on the steering. Went for a short wheel and got stock. The front locker, which there is no driveshafts to airline, broke and was leaking so the rear locker wouldn’t engage all the way. Brandon and friend got me out. Thanks guys. I’ll build my front driveshaft tomorrow.
I got some blue line if you need it. And some clear hose to cover it for added protection.
I'm good. I did it trying to put the exhaust back on I bet. I think I will have a heavy airline made up for it. The front gets hit a lot the rear doesn’t.
Well my Jeep now sits on some massive 31" tires. I have my winch back and rims will be ordered this week. Close to done you say? Well no not even. Drive shafts although working are unbalanceable and I have a ton of work to do on the front end to include a set of Carl Jantz’ SuperJoints.
I picked up my new tires today. Boy are they big, but it’s deceptive, they don’t look big since the hole in them is larger. I’m starting to get jumpy. I might have it back together buy the end of the winter.
holeski Wrote:I picked up my new tires today. Boy are they big, but it’s deceptive, they don’t look big since the hole in them is larger. I’m starting to get jumpy. I might have it back together buy the end of the winter.

I was there today to see them and they are BIG!!! look awesome...
so the big hole makes them look smaller....HMMMMMM. does that mean a small hole would make it look BIGGER.
Yup! There is a logo on the side that showa a spider crawling up some rocks, with the words MTR Rock Spider. Kinda cool.
not as cool as the michellin man.
Eric, have you looked into an e-bay set of take off wheels? The wheels off a 4 runner should work just fine, and you could get the whole set of aluminum wheels up here for less than $300.
I don't like Aluminum rims and there would have been any way to turn them into beadlocks later, besides I need 10" wide rims. I didn't know the 4Runner rims where 17"
Here is what I have on the way.
[Image: BEAD-Loc%2040%20%20wheel%20.jpg.jpg]
17x10 6 on5.5 3-3.5" backspacing 40 bolt beadlocks
[Image: Dscf0102.jpg]
[Image: Dscf0101.jpg]
[Image: Dscf0099.jpg]

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