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January Meeting Minutes and Bowling
January meeting minutes

CA and Anita
Mel and family
Don and Linda
Randy and family
Pete and Amanda

Past rides
Solstice run
  Just played in the snow
  Hummer recover team
End of the year run
    Make it an annual talk about an annual run.
Up coming rides

  Everyone has one and working on it.

Bylaws review Saturday 13 January 0900 @ Don’s house “review committee only”

Website repairs and Gallery
  Thanks Mel and Ole for fixing stuff
  Please use website over FB
  Purchase a new hard drive for backup

Club bylaws not posted on the site (broken link on the “Welcome” post.

Due reminder pay up. $35 for single $45 for family.

New membership
   If you need stacker cards let an officer know.

Next meeting
  2 February 1800 @ the AO Shop.

This years Bowling Champion is Petey with a score of 175, beating Anita by 14 pins. Better luck next year Anita.

[Image: c30ef45cbf632e57cd4f4423d325f453.jpg]
Anita praying for the win! LOL!  

[Image: 0fabd9bcd10f0cba811e38285a9a2ec3.jpg]

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Added some pictures in the gallery. Forgot to get one of Peter with the trophy.

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