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AO Christmas Party 2017
As I mentioned before in November minutes, Marty and Kasi have generously offered their home again for the annual AO Christmas Party. 
The date is to be DECEMBER  16th but I am unsure of what time. 
Cant remember when we did it last year but 6 or 6:30 sounds reasonable.  I am assuming we will be discussing more details at Saturday's meeting which is at Wolverines shop on Saturday the 2nd at 8 am.  I will post up any additional information from the meeting regarding the party on this thread.
Please be sure to use this thread to let us know who, how many and what you will be bringing.  We will also do the White Elephant gift exchange/game again this year.  Pretty sure everyone knows how that works.  I believe last year we did a cap of $20-$25.00 per person.
Linda is Cooking the Ham.
Arrive 530

Unfortunately we will be out of town. This is one of my favorite AO gatherings, so much fun. Have a great time!
Eric and I will be there.  I will bring a pasta salad and probably cucumber salad.
The kids and I will be there, pending the outcome of this weekend's wrestling tournament. Gina may be there depending on her work schedule. I'll bring some rolls and a side. I have the club plates, cups and plastic ware so no need to buy any of that (I'll check to be sure we have enough).
I'll be making Mac and cheese
We will bring a turkey.
The address for the party is 2586 Lunar Lane
The kids and I will be there for sure. Still waiting to find out about Gina.
Ether two or three not sure if the wife will make it. Ill be bringing a side dish which is still to be determined.
2 adults and 2 kids

Bacon wrapped sausage appetizers
Some sort of side

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