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Labor Day Run and Camping
Don, Linda and Dogs
Randy, Natalie and Dog
Marty, Kasi, all the girls and Dogs

All in all we had a great trip, we hung out around the fire pit and wheeled back allng the glacier on the first day. We really didn't have a problem with hunters, I only saw 1, and he was just showing his kid where he used to sheep hunt. There were a lot of hiker and ATVers out on There hiking and camping. On our way back from the main trail we turned off and went back to a little pond that Mel and i went to in past, this time we were able to easily drive around the pond and up the trail until it ended. The weather was great, we made more and longer stops then usual so everyone could get out and explore. It was a awesome trip for families.

Trying to figure out the gallery, can someone make a gallery for this run, I don't think I have permissions?
Added gallery. You should have permissions. Trying to figure it out

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