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Dodge Ram Power Distribution Center
So I have fallen victim to Chrysler's grand Power Distribution Center woes on my 04.  

Both passenger side headlight beams are inop.  Always gives me a Light out warning.  I replaced bulbs (they were due) and retraced wiring back to the PDC and everything from the connector on the PDC to the light looked good and worked fine with my power probe.

I pulled the PDC apart and didn't have the broken traces like most folks say they have on the youtube videos I found on this subject.

I found nothing wrong and I suppose the module that plugs into the PDC is the culprit.  

Any ideas from someone who may or may have not dealt with fun like this in the past?

I'm very tempted to set up relays to both headlights and use the driver's side wiring that is currently working to trigger the relays.  My fear is that eventually whatever killed the passenger side will kill the driver's side as well.
Found a trip to Delta worth the drive. Met Bill who knew Kevin back in the day. He was able to fix my PDM in less than 5 minutes and find me a functional cluster he was willing to stand behind if i got home and it didn't work.

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