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August 5th meeting
The August meeting will be at peter and I's home @3pm. 2289 Richardson HWY North Pole Ak 99705
If you wanna bring something to cook on the grill feel free to bring . Bring side dish or dessert. I'll have Burgers . Bring your own drinks. Welcome to bring dogs !
If you need more directions contact me or peter
Me 9076874050
Peter 9075903077

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I will not be present at the meeting, VP time to step up.

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We will be there!
I have a wedding to attend that day, I will not be there.
Eric and I should be there. I'll take minutes if Brandon cannot make it. Should be able to bring hot dogs and buns
I should be there. Not sure if Gina and the kids will or not yet.

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Eric won't be there so I will do minutes etc because I believe Brandon cant be there either. I'll get with Shane to find out what is on the agenda. Sorry but I'll do my best. If I have a spare minute, I might be able to also whip up some baked beans.

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I am planning on making an appearance if work does not make me come in.

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Make sure you bring chairs to sit down in

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Sorry I didn't make it building my garage and totally spaced the time.

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