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Adrianna's Run
Gilmore Trail

Brian and girls
Eric and Val
Adrianna and Jeff
Chris Osako
Lee Sumpter

Met up at the top of Gilmore before 10 (Ryan and I miscommunicated and he took my address as the time so got to explore for several hours before we got there!)

Headed out.
Trail had been rained on, so no dust
mud and puddles everywhere, but the mud wasn't very deep.
We rolled on with little issue.

I wanted to stop at the first big rock outcropping to play. I went up and got positioned to come off the back ledge, but it was way to far of a drop, so I had to reposition a couple of times, but came down no problem. Ryan wanted to go the other way, which was much more safe and stable.

We visited there for a bit, then headed out to the next wash.

Eric (tail gunning) called to hold up as Adriana had a "popping" sound. We all met back at the rock and something was up in the left front that made steering super hard and popped under drive. She put it in 2 wheel drive and then opted to wait while we played in the last wash and came back.

Trail conditions remained good.
As we came into the next wash....where the big poser mound is...we discovered that the mound has been eroded from the spring run off. It wasn't as big, so we ran it over and moved on up, taking some pictures.

We got up and turned around, picking our way back through the fun, undulating trail. There was a smooth flood plain that I thought would be fun for Ryan to crank through with the Vortec, but the mud wasn't as soft or deep as expected. Oh, well.

We met back up with Adriana.
Lee and Chris headed out.

Ryan hooked up to Adriana, Eric and I followed. 2 wheel drive worked fine some times, strap worked for the rest.

Stopped a few times to let Ryan's system cool down.

Eric tore off his driver's rear fender again...needs Poison Spyder upgrades...
Adriana broke something in her front end...birfield or something...TBD.

A lot of fun.

Adriana, Jeff, Eric and Val joined us for a BBQ and dog frolic.

Thanks for everyone who came on the run.
Thanks for bringing yummy food to the BBQ.

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