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Clean up day ATV ride
Marty and kids

We met up at the Gilmore trail to wait for Marty😐, while waiting for them some guys showed up with a Chevy every bit a big as Eric's truck and hit the trail before us.
We got going a little while later hit snow as soon as we turned on trail.
Mikey, me , Jorge , Gaven , Marty then Don tail gunner. The snow wasn't bad of the bigger tired rigs but Don and Gaven had a stuck fest😬going on. Mikey tow Gaven for a while till his belt got hot. Jorge and I rode forward and hit wet snow rack deep to his Can am. We turned around and got Mikey and Gaven headed back out, then we took the road out to the mine. They have cut off the trail and parked equipment blocking it off😡. When back to the truck and home. Had a great time we need to do a revenge run who is up for it?

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Ft Knox blocked the RS2477 trail?
No, we didn't make it that far. Go down Gilmore follow the road on the left. There is a mine at the end and a trail that runs out to Small wood rd on Chena hot springs road.

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I don't believe they can block that trail either.
You don't have a GPS to say where?

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Just up the road from the parking area, about half way to the cut off on the left.

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