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Shop Day Sat 4/15
I'm going to be in the shop trying to finish Mel's Dodge for the cleanup run.
To do:
Replace one tube seal in disconnect, diff does not need to be removed.
Install add-a-leafs in rear.
Replace steering box.
Fabricate new track bar and mount.
Figure out a front tow point.
Move steering stabilizer mount if there is time.

I also have some work to do to my truck so if anyone can lend a hand it would be appreciated. I should be in the shop by 8:00.

Also if anybody needs to do any small maintenance/repairs to their own rig to get ready you are welcome to come by.
I am starting my re-gear/axle upgrade Friday night. If it doesn't run into Saturday I will come help out.
I should be there. Got Maddi's birthday so not sure how long I can stay.

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