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Clean Up Day

Annual Fairbanks Cleanup. This is an event, meeting and ride all in one day.

When: 29 April 2017 0800
Where: North Bound Richardson between Mitchell and Wainwright.
Who: Members, family, friends, and anyone else that wants to join in.
Dress for the weather, who knows what it will be like. GLoves are recommended. The grabbers can be got at AIH but they usually sell out so get yours fast.

Meeting (this will serve as the May meeting):
When: After cleanup, no set time but shooting for before 1200
Where: Park by the baseball field (across from the carlson center) I always forget the name.
Who: Members, family and anyone else interested in our club.

The club will provide pizza, bring your own drink. An agenda and meeting information will be posted here in the Meeting Thread

When: After the meeting
Where: Fairbanks Creek. Start location will be decided before leaving the meeting.
Who: Members, family and prospects (those wishing to become part of the club)
All required gear per the bylaws must be present. Checks will be conducted.
To bad it won't be in the same spot we did last year. The kids and i could have come for clean up at least even though we wouldn't be able to do the ride.
Not signed up for an area just yet. They will have bags and the sign up sheet 17 April. I'll plan on going there that day to get that all done. Which means we need to make a final decision on area, trail ride, and such at this meeting. If you wont be at the meeting and have suggestions, ideas, concerns or whatever just post up. We will discuss them.
It was decided at the meeting we will pick up trash at our normal spot on the Rich. Northbound side. Park just before Ft. Wainwright turn off. We will pick up trash back to the first Mitchell overpass. A meeting will follow with the club buying pizza for lunch. We will then head out on a trail ride out Fairbanks Creek. Start point will be decided before rolling out from the park.

Updated first post with info.
Sorry Due to location this time with 5 kids in tow i won't make the Clean Up event. maybe next year. I've always enjoyed getting to see and talk with everyone during clean up.
Went this morning and signed us up. Got a box of bags cause I wasn't sure what we still had. Also got some more green bags. See you all then.
Good chance I'll have to be at work on the 29th but if I do I should be able to get off early enough to join the ride. Is the plan to do just FAIRBANKS creek or Gilmore as well ?? Either way I am seriously looking for to getting out for a run!!!! Been going threw some serious wheeling withdrawals. Can't wait
Don't forget there will be a separate Atv ride for those with DD wheeling rigs.

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Ryan I think the plan is to hit fairbanks creek and go as far as we can. Before it gets too late anyways.

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akram Wrote:Went this morning and signed us up. Got a box of bags cause I wasn't sure what we still had. Also got some more green bags. See you all then.

I put all the bags that I had in the Club Box. I will try to remember to grab them and some of the recovery gear and put it in my rig for the run.
Eric and I will be there
Will be there for the clean up, but wont make the run. Still working the upgrades.
I'll be there and so will Gina. Cleanup, meeting and ride.

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Our whole crew will show up at 10...have a daughter to go pick before hand.
we will be there but no way I'll be able to get the crew there by 8. Whole family will also be doing the wheeler portion of the the ride.
ATVs off the trail, some deep snow out there.

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Real rigs off and the trail and home. Write up tomorrw.

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