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Have we been hacked?
Has anyone else been having their browser hijacked by Google ads? Everytime I go to the forums page, after a few seconds, my browser is diverted to a page wanting me to download an app for google movies.
Not me, no problems here but I'm also using a Mac.
It's doing it on every device I log on with and only our site so I doubt it's my hardware.
having the same issue .keeps popping a new add window open every time i want to change internal web pages for AO.
Yes! It's pissing me off!
Only does it from my Ipad.
I haven't had a problem yet
I'm having the same issue.
Same here
Tell webhost you have infection and they should run a query
I'm back in town now. I'll so that Arin. I'll look at other stuff too but it'll be slow. I don't have much time to be on a computer right now.
Has anyone still been having the issue? I haven't had it. Using my phone or using my computer. I'm using google chrome as my browser.
Our webhost, hostgator, hasn't been much help. They just want to charge us $100 a month for 12 months to clean the site and monitor it. We can't afford that. A one time deal is $300. Then some other options. we haven't had these issues before so this will need discussed but needs taken care of quickly. They also claim the clean has to come on their end.
I don't have the problem on my Macbook or iPhone, but am having it on my iPad that I haven't used in awhile. I cleared the cache and disabled JavaScript and don't seem to be having the problem anymore. Not saying there isn't a problem with the website, but it seems like disabling Javascript doesn't allow the spam to pop up.
Ditto.....IPad issue still.
I have t had a issue yet, IPhone and IPad.
I'm still having issues two pop up ads came up while I was trying to log in
And another ahhhhhhh!!!!
windows 10 computer too.

No issues on my android phone
It's so weird. None of my computers, mac and windows, have issues. My phone didn't but now does using the built in browser and google chrome. I do use google chrome on my computers with an adblocker running so this might be helping. We will work to get this straightened out as soon as possible.

I do suggest running either google chrome or firefox with an adblocker running. I never use IE as it has too many faults as is.
Here is some info on removing this from your computer. I am not advocating the download of the product mentioned here. I know nothing about it but this one had the better write up on removing the issue without downloading a product to do it for you.

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