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March Meeting 2017
I am probably blind but I didn't see a post for next months meeting so I figured I would post up. March meeting will be at our house, March 11 at 5 pm. We thought it would be fun to do it pot luck style again so please post up what you plan on bringing. Our address is 2130 Yellowsnow Rd (yes, yellowsnow Smile ). We are out by the Vallata in Goldstream Valley. I plan on making Peking Pork with Saffron rice. I guess I put the next meeting info in the wrong place so here it is again?
Yep....2 places now.
Hi... I'm Jorge Martinez Jr. I will be attending this meeting to begin the process of removing myself from "PROBABTION". What should I bring... Mexican rice? Coke? Let me know. A simple text would be ok.thanks guys
I don't think I have your number Jorge but bring anything you want. We are making the peking pork and rice and I have bottled water. The last time we did this it was all over the board so there was all sorts of good stuff to try. Beverages are always good too.
If Linda's Dingle Pies turn out that's what we'll bring. If you have to ask... it's an Irish meat hand pie (portable pot pie). Rolleyes
Planning on being there barring any kiddo duty I haven't been told about. We will bring something just not sure what.
Not going to make it, sorry.
Need to vote on Mark Bowers for membership, he has met the required rides and meetings.
We will be there.
Audra making a real carrot cake for desert.
Unless I get called to work tomorrow morning, Anita and I will be there. I'll plan on bringing chili.
Not sure if ill make it or not. Depends on how the run goes and how I'm feeling after.
Thank you all for showing up for the meeting. Looking forward to seeing you on the trail.

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