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2/4 Snow Run
Needed a shake down for my new PSC steering pump and reservoir.

Last minute run to 9 mile

Brian, Sierra
Chris and Patty Olson

Met around 11 and drove out to 9 mile.
went straight across the dike to intersect with the power line, then the plan was take the power line to the pond. Right as the trail exits the forest to the power line, I got buried on a drift. Chris tugged me back, then I applied a little more "finesse" and made it through. Chris got hung up and we winched him through. We then went down the side of the huge power line cut (staying off the snowmachine trail). That was a lot of work. By the time we made it to the turn off for the pond, we decided there would be too much work to make it in there. A hard packed, narrow sled trail would have kept us high centered.

So, we went right to try a trail that has a lower grade to climb to the dike than the power line trail does. Turns out the snow was too deep and dense to carry any momentum...and I hadn't thought to bring chains. So we turned around and went out the way we came in. Much more simple, but still some work.

Once back on the dike, we drove about 3/4 of the way in. Sierra wanted to drive, so I set her up and enjoyed a leisurely ride.
I hopped off the trail and played in the powder....getting buried in another huge drift that I did manage to get out of on my own....Chris has some aerial footage of this.

Then we had had enough for the day and headed home.

Fun day.
No carnage.

My PSC pump and reservoir was nice, never overheating or failing like my crappy CarQuest pump did.

We did get pretty hot, but spent a lot of slow speed, high RPM work in deep snow.

Thanks to Chris and Patty for coming out.
Right on! Your really getting the Jeep dialed in.

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