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24 hr build.
So I have been with this club since 2010 and have always enjoyed the fact that we always have fun and help each other out. The story of Skitso and C. A. Samari build shows the skill and friendship within us. So what am I getting at?

Well I'll I have acquired a nice collection of parts over the years, (most from Kevin) and I had a thought. I have a truck and some parts stashed away and I would like to put them to good use.

The plan: gather everyone that is up to a build party on Saturday April 8 at my house and build a rig in 24 hrs.

Platform: 1986 K5
powerplant TBI 350
trans: auto
axles: Swap from parts rig
paint: TBD
other: whatever we can come up with our sleep deprived minds!

More re details to come. Who's in?
interesting idea. hope i can help when the time comes. but now i'm in the get it built stage on my explorer. all my other possible off road rigs are sold.Sad
I could be up for a good build party. I just don't plan that far out though.
Sounds like fun, but I can't plan that far out either. FYI, that is the same weekend as Arctic Man so some people may be out of town.
Update: Vehicle change, the wife wants her rig running again.

Start Time 0900 Saturday morning 8 April 2017, with a pause for the club meeting @ 3 PM.
I will pick up some burgers and hot dogs for lunch. Coffee and water will be available.

Please post up if you can make the build so I know how much meat to pick up.
I should be there, barring any kid things going on I don't know about.
I can't be there till around 4pm. I've got 2 extra kids I'm watching on Saturdays while the Wife is at work. They don't get Picked up till 4:30-5pm.
I should be there for the build but I may have to bail before the meeting.
I can help out, but not all night. Is there a plan of attack on what all you want to get done?
Will be there, but will also have to leave shortly after the MTG.
I will have a white board with the major items. Whit this snow will add some hassle to the project but should be able to get most of it completed.
I'll have guests at the meeting who are interested in the club. They may come a couple hours early to help with the build as well. I'll be there at 9.

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