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Winter Solstice 2016

9 mile

Brian and Sierra sporting the gold steering wheel cover
Eric F
Chris Gill, buddy, boy and dog
Randy and Zoe

Met up at 930
About 1 degree (though it was 28 at my house this morning)
Headed out for the lower willow trail to avoid scratches to the Gill mobile.

Took the PowerLine to the small pond.
Did drifting and cookies for 30 minutes
Then headed further along the dike to the area where the open Creek usually is.
Creek was frozen for the first time. We went straight on to the airport. Nearly all the willows have been hydroaxed. Some were cut off 3 feet high for some reason. We went on by and looped back to the main dike.

Crossed the slough just past the end of the dike. Where we did cookies last winter had no ice...just undulating rocks. We headed further in to the island out by what used to be the main channel. Here I dropped through a hole and had to pivot around a fallen tree. No problem. Randy tries the same move and pokes the tree into his rear drivers door... Oopsie.

We dropped off a vertical ledge and out to the river. The channel has moved farther West. Took our group shot and headed back to the main trail.

Took the wide slough to the snow area. About 6 junk cars dumped there now. Not much snow to play in. The creek here was frozen too.

Went down the north Creek to the usual turn around. That Creek was frozen as well.

We then started out.
Mikey wanted to check out another area.
We headed south on the dike past the main entrance and turned West passed a lake right along the dike. This trail dropped us out onto a pretty big slough. We headed southwest on the ice. It had pressure ridges but was solid. After a gradual right bend we could see overflow. A brief inspection had us turn around as the slough was wet....bringing the quality of river ice into question.

Headed out by going a bit further south on the dike, popping out at White Spruce Trailers.

Fun, easy day. Well, except for Randy.

Carnage: Randy
Welcome to Chris Gill
Good shakedown and run #20 for me this year.

Thanks for all coming out.
Thank for the invite

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