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November meeting minutes
AO meeting minutes
November 5th 2016

Randy and family
Eric and Val
Shane and wife
Don and family

Past Rides
Cleary summit winter run

Upcoming runs/ events
Jacks run November 12th.
Salchaket road house doesn't open till 9am. If we get enough people together they said they would open early for us

Christmas party will be at Marty's house December 10th time to be determined

Club business
Club may need to purchase some magnetic antennas for the Club CB radios to get better reception out of them

Still have members lacking runs and meeting to maintain membership. There is still time so wheel up!!!!!!

Time for officer nominations for secretary, president and equipment manager
nominees so far
President. Ryan Kramer
Secretary. Randall Wise
Equipment manager Gianna Wilson
if you want to nominate someone speak up!

Raffle tickets for the ready welder still for sale till the next meeting

Next meeting will be held at the AO shop December 2nd at 6:30

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