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Veterans Day run and Jake's Run help
Hey folks,

I know I've had issues making runs these last few years...

The rig would take less than 30 minutes to be ready for the trail and I can make that happen. However I don't have a trailer to haul it with.

Does anybody have a trailer I can borrow for these two runs?

I have called around and can rent a trailer for about $100 a day, but that really cuts into my ability to go wheeling right now. If we get snow and I can get some plowing money that might make things easier, but at the moment, it's pretty tight around here.

I'm willing to rewire or help fix trailers as time allows, but just don't at the moment have one that can carry the K-5.

It does look like we're on the verge of finally getting some relief from the insurance companies and I hope I can afford to get my own trailer early next year.

It's been a rough couple of years at our house.

Thanks AO for being another family up here.


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