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Howdy y'all
New to Alaska got up here in July I'm up here for at least three years im in the military have a wife and a two year old step son
Welcome to AO! What do you wheel?
I have a Dodge Ram 1500 5.9v8 on a 7in lift and 35s I like to hit almost anything I can find out there but as of right now I can't because I have to replace the balljoints on my front axle
Get it fixed! We can introduce you to winter wheeling...but with the willows, you will get a lot of Alaska pin striping. Veteran's weekend will be a great (and usually heavily attended) run to cut your teeth with us.
Welcome! Need to see some pictures to prove it. LOL
I believe he was at the meeting, and posted pic on FB...
yes he did post a picture. and Welcome to the group WilliamH. hope to see you out in the future.
Remember to use anti seize when you put that wheel bearing back in!

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