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Stampede October 1 and 2, 2016
Eric, Val and the dogs
Brian and Sierra

Weather: Saturday: sunny, mid 50s
Sunday: overcast, started to sprinkle when we were nearly out, rain on the road.

Met up at West Fred's at 800, left by 830.
Made Healy in 90 minutes, topped off with gas and were on the trail before 11am.

Early in the trail was usual...rolling dips full of water.

We dropped down through the creek, then on to the Tundra bogs. The trail was more braided than ever. Ground was pretty solid (which was a surprise) and there were so many alternate routes, that we took a bypass without even knowing it. We basically drove right through all the bogs. Eric had to back up once and hit a hole again, but required nothing more than wheel speed.

We then cruised on the the Savage where we stopped for lunch. Eric washed his windows while his dog found an owl carcass.

After lunch we moved on to the off-camber area that is tricky in the snow. It has changed. The drop in is a little more steep; the trail then flattens so you line up on the passenger-side off-camber spot more easily.

Once down on the Tek, we looked around for the best spot to cross. The river had been high and washed around the terrain on both sides. We finally crossed in the usual area, with the water staying below my tube fenders, and just a hair above Eric's air intake.

The rest of the trip in was pretty smooth. Stopping for pics, but otherwise smooth sailing.

Made the bus in under 4 hours.

Walked west past the bus and collected driftwood to supplement the firewood Eric brought. Saw some bear tracks in the sand.

Made a fire and hung out til after dark.

The clouds rolled in, so we could only get snipits of stars, but no nothern lights. The wind (already blowing 15-20 with stronger gusts, picked up after 10pm. The tents whipped in what had to be 40+ mph gusts, until the wind gave up around 3am. We got up in the morning, rekindled the fire and Val whipped up scrambled eggs, sausage and coffee for breakfast. Thanks Val! I am not packing food when wheeling with her any more.

Before leaving in the morning, we hooked Eric up to the bus with a strap so we could remove the bus from the trail, so no more problems with folks going out there and needing to be rescued....

We then packed up camp, and drove past the bus down river to the Park Boundary. There was no evidence of the RS2477 trail into the Park, so we turned around. Eric realized that he was missing his phone so Sierra and I went back to the bus looking and Eric went back to the Park boundary. I found the phone....a little flatter than factory, near the bus.

Having had enough fun we started out. No issues until the Tek.
Crossing seemed deeper, but wasn't. Eric was right at the limit of water level for his factory JK intake (while sporting 2.5 inch lift and 35s).

From the Tek to the Tundra bogs, I blew 6 fuses in my electric fan. We swapped relays and nothing seemed to matter. Once I burned up all my fuses, Eric gave me some. His worked all the way out (and home). We drove through the bogs with no problem. I got on a different bypass initially, but we hooked back up with the easy way and had no issues.

We stopped to wash windows in the clear creek, then climbed out to the trail head where we aired up and headed to the 49th State Brewery. Trouble is, 49th State was CLOSED for the year the day before. We went to the Totem for dinner, then blasted home.

Me: fuses, fuses, fuses (I think my temp sending unit must be bad)
no water in any of the drive train.

Eric: iPhone

Really beautiful trip!
This was the only time I have been in where no one got stuck and nothing broke.
Weather was totally awesome until we were off the trail...then the rain came.

Thanks to Eric and Val for coming.
Double thanks to Val for making breakfast!
Sounds like a good trip. Glad all went relatively well.

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