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waynes impromptu repp run - 9/18
Wayne "fixit" -retired A/O member
Erick holski and Janelle
Ryan "kozmo"
Chris "Racer Chris"
Keith Nichols
Amanda and i. "Ak_petey"
Wayne gave me a jingle last week letting me know he was in town. He was holed up at Erick's place, working on his buggy that he wrecked down south. Apparently he had a ton of stuff to do and fix...he is likely on his way home tomorow! Anyway, wayne let me know that he would be trail ready sometime this weekend. Last night i got a message that 10:30 am was the time to roll out at repp.

First things first, i had to show up late. But only to be out done by keith and then chris muuuuuuch later Smile
Everyone but keith and chris started at the peede trail access. Nothing special happened until we hit the trail to the right. Wayne gave everyone the indication that he wanted a technical run. So we avoided the bogs that were north-east /Yukon trail. Wayne was the first to dive in, forgetting he was in 2wd. He spun his tires for a little while in front of erick until he realized he needed to pull the 4wd lever. I think erick gave wayne the pirate salute. The trail was pretty tight and the full sized rivs had to get a wheel up on the ledge on a few parts.we all moved pretty fast until i heard ryan on the cb radio say, "holy sh*t snacks" or something along thise lines. We were at the ledge. The ledge that erick soto had dug out eroded even more. Ryan attempted to bump up the ledge but it was too far undercut to climb, or winch up. I hitched a ride with wayne in his buggy across the swamp with Keith's flat blade shovel, wish he had a spade... And started digging and making the ledge more passable. Ryan finished winching up and wayne followed shortly after and had ryan winch him up. Erick followed the same trend. I made it up in the dodge with a few tries... And no winch :whistle:....
Keith made it up in his gonzo/snuffilufigus/anteater machine in 44 boggers with a few runs (4-5) at the hill.

Once we were out we headed on down the trail to the pipeline access road where i waited with keith for chris. Things got soupy on the trail and radio conversations got R rated with funny jokes about wayne's mud butt and obama lover sticker. We all made pretty good time and got really side ways on that trail. I am not sure my truck will fit down it next year. I was nearly at a tipping point. I was pretty focused so i wasnt really watching anyone else. The ledges were about 3-4 feet high and i had to walk my driver side wheels down the trail. Amanda did not like being the passenger seat Cool
Keith gave a similar report when he caught up. I think chris (suzuki sami) and erick (some jeep) just drove through the middle like it was a sunday drive. (it was a sunday drive). After the sideways business the muddy part was a piece of cake for me. Kieths truck died and ryan went back to jump start him with my salmart special jumper cables. The ruts were getting pretty deep and chris' samurai kept hanging itself up on the front diff. Chris tried to plow through 10 ish times before i ended up strapping on to him for a little love tug. Bahaha! Chris has to be the coolest person to wbeel with because he drives that samurai like a kamakazi pilot. Each attempt chris made was a full throttle effort to bump over the rut/ledge. There was very little purple left on the samurai !

When keith caught up Wayne explained he had to boogie. I think he really had to go #2 or something. The rest of the trail was pretty mucky and had a few minor technical spots before we hit the old military bunker that looked like heroin and meth heads have continued to party at....

Keith, chris and i met by the road and i ended up pull starting keith as his rig just stalled out or something. Hris and i hit the trail by the road and it was pretty uneventful. Until i went through the pond! Keith followed too without an issue. The pond cleaned off most of the under carriage mud on my truck! Score!
Everyone pretty much had to skidaddle and i met up with keith at the trail head to make sure his rig made it on the trailer.
No carnage! That i know of anyway!

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