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55 mile run 8-28-16

Ryan Kramer
Brian Accola and family
Lee Sumpter
Eric Soto and family
Eric Francisco
John McFaul
Pete and Amanda

We all met up at 8:00am at the corner of Nordale and Chena Hot springs rd. From the looks of the sky I think we all new it was going to be a beautiful day to be wheeling 55 mile. We hung around waiting for the rest of the group to show up, finally it was just down to Pete and Amanda which were on time like usual. Finally took of with Pete and Amanda playing catch up. Somewhere around Two Rivers one of the tires on my trailer decided to detonate. Pulled over and made a AO style nascar pit stop and in no time where back on the road. We parked at the 53 mile pull off, those of us that trailered unloaded and prepped for the trail ride. Come to think of it this was the first ride I have been on where more people trailered than drove there trail rigs hmm.. We took off up the trail and quickly came up on the wash which Brian tried to tackle first. Brian started up the wash and was quickly thrown into the bank on his passenger side, every time he tried to proceed his front end would lift and throw him harder into the bank. After multiple attempts he finally decided to get out the winch to bring the front back to earth. After a quick tug with the winch he buzzed right threw the rest in typical Accola fashion. I was up next. I sat at the bottom of the wash thinking of all the improvements I hade done to the yoter since the last time I had done 55mile which was my first EVER trip with AO. I started up the wash and drove threw with little trouble and to say the least I was very pleased with a big ++++ eating grin on my face!!! I continued up the hill threw the rest of the wash outs till I hit the top of the hill and awaited the rest of the group. Apparently Big Mommas butt was a little to big for the washout so he took the bypass. Lee and john also took the bypass. Eric drove the wash in his jeep with little issue and Pete lost a passenger side mirror going threw. Once we had all successfully made it beyond all the washouts Shale hill was up next.
Brian was once again the first to head up shale hill. With a little rpm he hopped his way right up to the top and radioed down about how loose the hill was saying gett on the gas" I decided to try to crawl it and test out the new locker and drive line. Once again with a big grin on my face the yoter crawled right on up. MAN DO I LOVE THAT FRONT LOCKER!! Brian and I awaited the next rig which was Eric in Big momma. We waited... and waited.. and waited. So apparently Eric had his giant meats aired up to 40 some pounds and decided to air down before going up the hill. After that everyone came up the hill rather quickly literally. I think Pete came up doing about 30 mph WOW. Now that we were all done with the hard stuff we finally made it to the very top and what a view. Just absolutely Gorgeous. Hardly a cloud in the sky and you could see as far as your eye would let you
After we made it to the top it was pretty easy going made good progress with multiple stops to check out the views. After a couple of miles we came up upon lions back, camels back, I herd several different names including the boob lol. All I know it was steep! and way up there! We all stopped to scope it out just in time to watch Pete go flying up to the hill bouncing off the rev limiter and smoking up to the top! I remember looking over at Eric Soto and him saying NO NO NO NO. To be honest I was thinking the same thing. Eric Francisco went flying up next very quickly. After Brian got done giving some kind words of encouragement to Eric he decided to give it a shot. He only made it up about half way and started to bounce and loose traction and had to back down. Which I didn't envy one bit. So I paced around my truck a few times and jumped in to give it a shot. I think my truck was far more capable of making it up than I was. I'm pretty sure I didn't take a breath till I made it to the top and then realized I was stuck to the seat (Pucker Factor) Lee came smoking up next and jumped out of his jeep with a big WOO I made it! Brian was next to come up. After watching Brian come zig zagging up the hill we a shear look of panic on Audra face we had a good laugh. Big momma decided to give it another shot or should I say bouncing Bettie. Once again the trucks bouncing would cause him to loose traction and spin out. On his final attempt he broke the front CV joint in his front drive shaft. John gave it a couple shots as well but had to back down as well. So glad I didn't have to back down that hill!!!!! props to John and Eric for backing down! After that we decided to turn around and head back to the trucks. With big momma in two wheel he finally strapped up to the back of Petes dodge to assist in making the hills. Brian Eric and I found a new trail to explore that heads to the north some where. We will have to check it out sometime. Was a great day to hit the trail. What a beautiful area! Good to see a new face on the trail. Thanks to everyone that came out
good write up only carnage was Ak Petey's passenger side mirror and Eric Soto's front drive shaft.i need to stick a front locker in when the front axle goes under the new explorer. i had to hit most of the tougher stuff 3 times to get up not having a front locker .and i did try the 1st wash but had to take the bypass. it was a blast getting out for a run. thanks for posting it up Ryan-KOSMO
Did the trail you found start out down in a little Valley so to speak? Then drop down some more only to come up and climb the ridges?
Sent Mel the map I made.

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