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September Meeting Minutes 2016

Brandon & Gianna - Who hosted so a big Thanks!
Don & Linda
Petey & Amanda
Chris O
Lee S.
Mark B.
Mike & Stephanie

T-SHIRT ORDER FOR BREAST CANCER AWARENESS WALK: Breast Cancer Awareness walk is September 24, 2016. We are currently 3 t-shirts short for an order so please contact Randy on the forum and get your orders in (if you're the other three from the meeting who said they wanted some, post up Smile).

Went over highlights of the Sunday run at 55 mile. A bit of carnage and a potential new exploratory run on another trail that Eric, Ryan and Doc checked out.
On that note: We have decided that Petey should have the tree at the wash named after him due to it taking out his mirror twice. Petey needs to have payback!

Next run unless something else pops up is Stampede: Members Only Run October 1st thru the 2nd. This is an over night so be prepared. More info to come I'm sure.

Broached the subject of Wounded Warriors or something along those lines. More research needs to be done on this score. Not a lot of available information to move forward but there is interest.

Halloween Party coming up at Gianna and Brandon's house. Adults only. More info to follow.

Next meeting is: October 8th at 2 pm. Wolverine Shop. Maybe a whirl at the ramp and I think a mention of a possible BBQ, maybe, not sure but I'm SURE..... there will be more to follow on the Forum
I see new names
Eric Sumpter & Mark B Is this right? I'm assuming mike and Stephanie Is mike Irvine?
Is someone hosting 33 Mile run? Kevin is gone, but the trail is there!

Alternate may be a 55 mile run, trail off the main trail. Camp out required. Snow could not be present yet....

either could be 15/16 October.
No 55 mile for me, sorry but too painful
I'd do 33 Mile but would need to borrow a trailer.

I also have to check the calendar. Lots of kiddo stuff that apparently occurs whenever they want. No day is sacred.
It is Mike and Stephanie Irvine. Lee Sumpter is new and this is also the first time I have met Mark B I believe

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