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Skyline abandoned vehicle recovery

Supervisor, John Morack (my old physics professor and fellow FNSB Trails Advisory Commissioner)

Met up at the Musher's hall just before 7pm, then went to the top of Skiboot hill RD.

John had been trying to get 2 vehicles off a section line trail from the KUAC antennas straight north to the Goldstream valley. Finally, Parks and Rec agreed to request from DNR (rigs on State land) permission for removal. Once all legally set up, we headed up.

Given a record rain year, we were lucky to have a few dry days.

The trail down was nice. Big trees and smooth.

The Blazer, 1st rig we can to, was parked across the trail, which had made a new loop around it. 3 tires on with the 4th sitting nearby. We highlift jacked it up and put on the tire. Somehow all were still full of air. The key was gone, but the ignition was forward, so we could steer. I pulled the truck back out of the trail while Brandon put on his rear chains. CA put in a step stool for a driver's seat, then Brandon headed up the hill with the Blazer in tow. He only had one area of trouble, where some soft ruts stopped their progress, but nothing real troublesome. Once at the top, they pulled all 4 tires off the Blazer and came back down.

Meanwhile, Mel and I were working out the attack on the stepside. This truck had the tires off, was sitting in soft dirt and was parallel to a soft hole in the trail. First we rigged up a way to lift the truck, using my logging chain and tree saver as neither were long enough to do the job alone. Then we set up my snatch block off 2 huge white spruce trees and my recovery strap. We could have flipped the truck over with that set up.

Brandon and CA made it back, and we got the driver's side tires on easy as can be. I moved to the other side of the trail and moved the rigging. As we lifted the passenger side of the stepside the truck tried out its 2 new tires and started to roll down hill. After hooking up Brandon's winch to the front, we lifted the step side. The front tire went on fine, and once secured, we lifted the truck some more so the rear had enough clearance.

I then moved back up through the first hole and winched the stepside to me. During this pull, the "unlocked steering" locked and Brandon and Mel had to tear it apart. We then could pull up between a nice soft hole and some big trees to the first landing. I then moved up hill through another hole and then winched the truck up to the hard trail. At that point I turned around and hooked up to tow. I didn't use chains (but had them) and only lost traction on the initial pull. I was nervous that 2nd gear would have enough to pull the truck up, so I staid in 1st. I overheated doing that and my Carquest power steering pump got hot. Near the top we had to do a 3 point turn as my steering sucked.

Finally at the top we parked the stepside behind the Blazer, took off a couple more parts for Brandon as "payment" for removing the junk and headed back to the Musher's.

There I checked out my left rear tail light that wasn't working. In one of the holes I got wrapped up with a long, 2 inch tree. Evidently this tree stabbed up through the plastic inner fenderwell and somehow directly hit the fitting on the LED light...what are the odds. Got that smoothed out and hooked back up.

Overall took about 3 hours start to finish.

John will do a presentation at one of our Trails Advisory Commission meeting (which will help my fellow commissioners understand the offroading community), and probably will write up something for the New-Miner.

Thanks for all the help from Brandon, Mel and CA!
Uploaded pictures to the gallery. I have a video of Brian towing the stepside up the hill that I have to edit then upload.

Should this count as an event and a ride? Event for all four members and a ride for the two members driving their rigs?
I agree with that.
That's how I see it will be updating accordingly. Great job guys!

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