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Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk 2016
It's that time to start fundraising for the annual Making Strides event.

Date: September 24, 2016 10:00
Where: Morris Thompson Cultural Center/Downtown Fairbanks

We will iron out details to order shirts for those that need them here shortly. If anyone wants to volunteer to take that on feel free to do so.

Here is our team page. Go sign up and join our team on there and start raising some money. You can share the page on FB and get people to donate there as well.

[Image: 20150926_102402.jpg]
We won't be here this year. Will donate!
Be sure you log on and sign up for our team. This will be here before you know it. Hoping we have a good turn out like usual.

So who needs pink save boobies shirts? I will assist with getting an order in for those that want stuff. I will require prepayment for any item being ordered. I'll try to figure out a drop dead date for ordering.
I will wrangle the shirt order, I assume last years order was from Trademark?
Yes. Thanks for doing it. So folks if you need gear for this you better post up and get money in. I don't know what the drop dead date for ordering would be
I could be wrong, but I think we have some left over from a purchase last year that got donated.
Can anyone verify that? Before I blast out order details.
Email I got.
HI Team Captains!

Thank you to those who were able to come to our team captain meeting last night. I'm attaching the agenda and a few other things that you need to know about!

*Event T-Shirts: Making Strides has event t-shirts that you can order and personalize for your team. I'm attaching the information & website for you to look at. The neat thing about this is you can order the shirts and upload graphics, team names, logos, etc. and order them for your team. There is a pricing sheet available too. There are t-shirts and sweatshirts available this year! BUT THE DEADLINE IS SEPT. 2nd SO PLEASE LOOK AT IT SOON!!!

*We will have one more team capt. meeting in September where you can buy PINK gear, Jolly Roger shirts, get raffle tickets that your team can sell, drop off any money that you've raised and want posted to your page, answer questions, & pick up supplies.

*I want to give a SHOUT OUT to the top 5 teams right now on fundraising!!
1. PINK LADIES at $410
3. MARSHA'S TEAM at $175

*Put on your calendar: Friday, September 23 from 5-7 p.m. at Kendall Auto is our Pre-Party!! The team with the most people to check in there will get $250 credited to their team! ALSO, each team is asked to put something in the silent auction there at Kendall. We will close the silent auction at 6:30 and all the money that your silent auction item bring in will be credited to your team!

Remember, if you have a connection with a business and get a corporate sponsor from them you can include that in your team total!!

Please let me know if you have any questions!!
Becky Zaverl
More info. Hopefully some folks can make it to the prewalk event. Anybody have an idea for a silent auction item? Anybody raising money? Anybody want raffle tickets to sell? Let me know. I'm going to do my best to go to this meeting.

Quote: Hello Strides Team Captains!

I want to welcome those team captains who have joined us the last few weeks! My name is Becky Zaverl and I'm the event chair this year for Strides. If you have any questions let me know!

A couple big things for you!

Pink Ladies $435
StiC it to Breast Cancer $385
All Points North $375
Besties For Breasties $300
Team Timona $245

I know a lot of you have money to turn in!! We can add that to your totals! Our next meeting will be Thursday, September 15 at 5:30 p.m. Please bring your money that you have fundraised and collected to that meeting so we can turn it in and get it credited to your team!! The meeting is at the cancer treatment center board room. Email me if you need directions!+ I will also have Raffle tickets for you to pick up if you would like to sell them and also our PINK GEAR if you'd like to purchase something!

Be thinking about....
***Silent Auction Items: We ask that teams bring 1-2 silent auction items to the Kendall Pre Party on Friday, Sept. 23rd. SILENT AUCTION ITEMS need to be dropped off by 4:45!!+ We will put them out on the table for people to bid on until 6:30. WHATEVER MONEY YOU RAISE GOES TO YOUR TEAM!!+

Please tell your team to come! The Kendall Pre Party from 5-7 p.m. at Kendall Auto (next to the Cookie Jar) On Friday, Sept. 23rd. INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!!
*Free Food from Bad 2 Da Bone
*Free cupcakes from Jo's Oven
*Free photo booth from Alaska Photo Booth Company
*Silent auction bidding
*Event T-Shirts and PINK gear to buy!
*Raffle ticket sales
*Survivor t-shirts and goody bags for breast cancer survivors

Saturday, Sept. 24. Gathering will start around 9 a.m. Registration at 10 a.m. Opening ceremony at 10:45. WALK BEGINS AT 11 a.m. from Morris Thompson Cultural Center.+ It's a little over 3 miles but we will have a shorter route for people who need it. Kids and Dogs are welcome if they are on a leash! Smile There will be food trucks and North Pole Coffee as well as DJ VMax to get you moving!+ Survivor tent will have massage chairs for survivors! BRING EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!!

If you have any questions or would like some help PLEASE JUST ASK!!!

THANK YOU for taking part in this fight against Cancer. Our little town does amazing things and Making Strides is certainly one of them!!!
Becky Zaverl
If anyone can and wants to go to this meeting for us let me know. I just realized I can't go.
Let me find out if I can get off work early on the 23rd, Zoe and I would be willing to represent. How about a portable battery charger/starter or emergency roadside kit for silent auction, something every motorist could use? I Will be putting in the t-shirt order today, we have our 12 minimum!
I should be at the one on the 23rd too. We need as many people that can go to go. I can't make the 15th meeting. I'm not sure how important it really is. I haven't went to one yet.
Reminder for next Saturday. If you haven't signed up for our team online be sure to do so. Donate if you can. Ask for donations as well. Hope to see lots of folks there.

Pre Party is the 23rd. Show up if you can.
Update email I got. Im.going to try and find something for the silent auction. Ideas are welcomed.

Quote:These were the updates I gave out at our meeting last Thursday! Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday at Kendall and Saturday at the walk!!! Please bring money to turn in at the Pre Party at Kendall on Friday!! I love looking at the weather updates! It's going to be a great weekend!! THANK YOU for all of your hard work this last week at collecting donations! Smile Becky

Friday, Sept. 23: Kendall Pre Party from 5-7 p.m at Kendall Auto.

Teams who have the most people check in under their team name will get $250 towards their team!

*Silent Auction item- donate one or two GREAT items for people to bid on and your team gets the money! Please have these items at Kendall by 4:45 and bidding stops at 6:30.

*Glenner will be on live remote bringing people in!

*Food will be served by Bad 2 Da Bone; cupcakes by Jo’s Oven; pink lemonade and pink champagne!

*Alaska Photo Booth will be there for your FREE photos for you and your friends!

*Survivors can pick up their free shirt and swag bag at the Pre Party or at the event.

*Post on Social Media and email your friends and family to come join the party!

*If your walkers have not registered online they must fill out a registration form for liability reasons.

*Pink Store and event shirts will be on sale!


Saturday, Sept. 24: MAKING STRIDES at Morris Thompson Cultural Center!

*Committee will be there at 8 a.m. setting up

*North Pole Coffee will be there as well as Sweet Cheeks Bakery and Wagners Pizza bus

*Two water stations will be set up for you (at the dog park and by the Big I)

*The route is 3.2 miles, but there is a 1 mile loop

*At the Doyon bridge there will be flowers for remembering loved ones

*DJ VMAX will be there and Jazzercise will warm us up before the walk

*Pink Store will be there selling event shirts

*Survivor tent will have free survivor shirts, swag bags and chair massages! Encourage breast cancer survivors to go there!

*The opening remarks and raffle ticket winners will be at 10:45. This is also where we will be announcing our TOTAL money raised this year!!!

*Walking will begin at 11 a.m. After you are finished walking you can stay and hang out or leave and start your day!
Eric and I will be there for the walk but most likely not the Friday event. Are we all meeting at the The Chiefs again?
Let's try and meet up at the Chiefs and get a before walk photo. No need to get there too early but if we can do the photo by 945 I think we will be good to go.

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