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Repp mud run july 16th

Brian and kid
Eric and family

Well I would have to say this was one of the most challenging and fun runs I've been on since I joined arctic off-road. We all met up at the end of Peede rd at 9:00 am. We sat around and B.S. for about ten minutes before we decided to take off on our swamp fest. Ran down Peete ext all the way down to the Chena river. We did a quick loop on a small trail and headed back the other way towards a different river access. Took a left off the main trail down to the old bunker pad off peede ext where the fun was about to began. We all stopped and took a look down the flooded ATV trail that disappeared into the trees. I remember saying to Ole this is going to get nasty. I was the first to dive into the swamp which started out rather tame considering what we would soon run into. The trail started out as a flooded rutted out atv trail which continued for a hundred yards or so before it turned to goo with multiple paths to take. I tried to put my tires on an island of grass but to no success. I slid off and instantly high centered my self on the front axle. That was the first stuck of the day and one of many for the group. Mel hooked a strap up and after a few tugs he was able to pull me out. So I decided when in doubt throttle out. Dove into the swamp with a full head of steam and the engine screaming and made slow but steady progress till I made it to the other side were I was able to stop on a root mass. I turned and looked over at my kid which had a very worried look on his face and he tells me we are never going to get out of here in time to make it to my birthday party. WAS NOT VERY HAPPY WITH ME! Eric was next to cross in big mamma with very little issues his rig was truly in its element. Somewhere in there Brian was able to get his jeep on dry land and got the camera out. Mel tried his luck next. He dove in with high rpms and came to a quick stop but was able to back up and get head of steam and a slightly different line. He made good progress all the way to the end where he buried it right up to the frame. Ole decided to go try to get out of the muck where Brian was parked but managed to get himself stuck as well. Eric and I hooked the winch up off the rear of his rig and started to winch, didn't work so well just drug Eric's truck backwards. Out came a strap and hooked up to big momma. Eric gave Mel a good jerk only to rip off his factory tow point. Mel was very happy that it was the frame that broke off and not his welds so he was very pleased in a weird way HAHA. But still very stuck. So Eric repositioned big mamma to get a strait pull off his front winch. Big momma started to drag and dig in before Mel's truck even twitched, finally it started to come up before it came out. Wow. By then Brian had helped Ole get unstuck and they were waiting for us and the other end of the bog. The way back out was a little less eventful than on the way in Eric, Mel, and I made it back across with little issue. Eric and I continued on till we hit the gravel trail and listened to the CB awaiting the rest of the group. I guess there was a little trouble with Brain getting stuck but they came out shortly after us. At this point I called my wife to come meet me at the trail head to drop off my son who was very happy to be alive. I don't think he will be riding in the yota for a while. I met back up with the group on Peede extension at the beginning of the REPP trail.
LET THE CARNAGE BEGAIN! We proceeded down repp till I tried to turn on my locker only the here the sound of air hissing hmmm.. Found that the air line became pinched right out of the top of the axle and broke the synfex line Ole had given me. Not having the proper stuff to fix it I tried a trail fix it with little success. Then we came to what I am going to call the HOLE. I stopped and got out to access the situation it looked pretty nasty, completely full of water and a cut back at the end that was as bad as I have ever seen it. Well only one way to find out how bad it really is. I proceeded cautiously and immediately dropped into a big hole hidden by all the water, had to back up and hit it again to make it thru. I easily tried to crawl the cut bank but quickly spun out, I backed up and hit it with some gusto when I slammed into the wall and popped up the front end which broke the cv joint in the front drive shaft. But I was the only one to make it thru the hole unassisted but not unscathed, but also found the bead on my right front tire leaking. Brian came up next. Being the only one that could actually fit between the ruts with no issues he quickly made it to the cut bank while pushing about a thousand gallons of water ahead of him. Brian was able to get his front tires up an over but that was a far as he could get even after multiple attempts. So out came the winch and he winched off the yota and came right on out. Then there was Mel. Mel dropped into the first part of the hole and made it through with some heavy RPMs, he then came up the cut bank lightly with little success. He backed up and picked up a lot of speed and slammed into the bank. POW!!! The front tires gave up the fight there was no more four wheel drive something in the axle came apart. I'm assuming it was the ring and pinion. After much debate we decided to try and pull Mel threw with no success at all. Couldn't even get his truck to twitch with two trucks pulling on him. So we changed strategies and brought down big momma with the winch to pull him back out backwards which worked pretty well. After a couple winch sessions Mel was out and out of the way. We tried to talk Eric into going next but he wasn't having it at all. We got a big fat NO! So Ole rather enthusiastically jumped in his truck and was up next. He dropped into the hole and was instantly high center with all four tires touching nothing but water. After a lot of RPMS the tires just quit moving. Apparently he filled his clutch with mud, water and grass. Once again big momma to the rescue! Tried yanking Ole out with a strap but hardly moved! Eric was hitting the strap hard enough that the rear tires of his truck were coming off the ground. Back came out the winch once again. After much persistence and persuasion from Brian. Eric worked up the nerve to try the HOLE. Made it to the cut bank while riding up on the side with the right side of his truck. He started up the cut bank with a wicked lean towards the driver side with a very worried look on his face. Stared to get on the throttle with some hopping and bouncing and almost made it. At this point the left front tire started to leak at the bead. Brian very happily hooked a strap up to his jeep to pull the front end down and Eric was able to get pulled thru with Brian bouncing his jeep off the rev limiter. During this process the bead finally broke loose and the tire came off the rim. Eric broke out his spare tire and swapped it out with the flat one. We decided to let Mel try to pull Ole back out the way we came and we continued down the trail towards the pipeline. Brian, Eric and I continues on without to much trouble. Only having two wheel drive I hooked up a strap to Eric's truck to help get thru the holes. FINALLY the pipeline YAHOO!!!!!!!! We then ran out to Peede rd...... no Mel no OLE turned back around and went back to the beginning of the trail to help assist getting the rest of the trucks out. Ended up hooking Brian's jeep up to Mel's truck which was hooked up to Ole's truck and was able to pull everyone thru and back to solid level ground.

Brian Air locker issues
Ryan Broken driveline
Air locker issues
Leaking tire bead
Mel Ring and pinon
Detached factory tow point
Leaking tire bead
Ole Smoked clutch
Eric Flat tire
Broken or bent light
Nice write up. It was definitely a great trip. I may get time this week to look at the front axle and figure out what happened exactly.
Fun, fun, fun.
Now get prepping for Ole's run.
excellent write up Ryan
Saved the clutch. It was packed with debris. I put it in the press, compressed the fingers with a large socket, and used compressed air to blow it all out. I was glad none of the fingers were bent. I thought it was an old clutch but I realized I replaced it a little while back. I just have to put it all back together tomorrow night.

The next time I replace it, I'm going to use a lever style diaphragm instead of one with fingers. It's way harder to pack them with mud.
Glad you are up and running.

I had Youngs put on a new front drive shaft boot....torn for quite awhile.
Popped in 2 upper front control arm bushings.
May relocate the ARB compressor so it is easier to access...depends on motivation.

Ready for the next run.
Glad your trucks up and running!
Eric S. Let me know if you still can't post. I couldn't find any issues in your permissions. You may want to clear cookies in your browser if you are using a computer and log back in.


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