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Olympia creek trail

Jeremiah Stewart

Going to keep it short and sweet
We all met up at the fox gas station at 8 am then proceeded to drive up to the trail head as a group. We all disembarked from the lower trail that heads directly to the water fall. Made great time up the trail crashing threw a lot of puddles left over from all the rain. Not to familiar with all the landmark names but I'm sure you guys will correct me if I'm wrong. first stop was something rock (cant remember haha) after that we went all the way up to lookout point/3 kings took a few poser shots. Ole then decided to run the gap coming up the rocks which he did rather easily in my opinion. continued on down suicide hill and followed the trail down into the brush and then took a left. From here on we stayed in the brush for the most part taking all the offshoot trails in search for the Olympia creek trail. Found several moose camps and lots of wrong turns. The trial finally fizzled out in the bottom of a valley where we found a dead moose in the middle of the trail witch we had to run over to continue on. Randy named the trail dead moose trail. We tried to continue of the valley but started to get really boggy. We decided to turn around after ole sunk up to his diffs and had to be recovered by a Subaru. HAHA yes a Subaru. Tried to head down the valley but that didn't work out much better. Ended up driving down a creek for a little while. By then it was starting to get late and we decided to head back. We will have to try again some other time for the pursuit of the mystic Olympia creek trail
Ole, did you get the maps I texted?

You all.went the way we did last July.

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