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Craigie Creek 15 Jun 2016
Write to follow in the next few days, hopefully, and some pics added in.

Members present
Brian and Family
Mel and Maddi

Great trip. Nice to get into areas we haven't been. Some the most beautiful weather as well.
Started putting pics in the galley. Been having issues with my hard drive then it quit working. I'll get back to putting pics in the gallery when I have time to sit down and do it.
I'm getting errors that mine are too big to process.
Guess I'll run them through photoshop again at some point to shrink them again.
I haven't gotten a warning for too big. Mine are around 10mb. 5312X something. Max upload at a time is 100mb I believe. Mine were working until the computer wouldn't recognize my hard drive anymore.
From my phone and small camera they average 8,000KB resized, so they should be fine.
Mine from the big camera are more, but they won't go either.
Oh I know the big camera ones will be too big.

This goes back to the discussion of it needs updated.

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