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Audios and help needed...
Hello everybody!

Tonight Mel and Brandon are heading my way to load up and haul off parts and stuff and junk.
Anyone wishing to join in the festivities is welcome!

Also Friday evening Mike E was planning to come with a truck and trailer to help haul off the remainder,
but also:

Friday May 20th from 5-8 pm at the Alaska House restaurant here in Delta Junction
We will be hosting a final "Audios" or "See you Later" event
Light dinner available (sandwiches and sodas)

As well, I need someone to drive a vehicle (or two) back to NP Friday evening.

Hope to see you guys - this club is a bright spot for Fairbanks, NP, and my family!
If your schedules are already full, I understand.
AO will always be my favorite offroad club!:clap:
I'll be down Friday for sure. Going to try and come down Wednesday or Thursday too.
I can yard my trailer down Friday to haul a vehicle back for you Kevin, depending on the rest of my week I can see about another load this week.
I will be bringing a truck, can pull someone else's trailer if need be.

I don't have one currently.

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