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55 mile. 5/14/2016
Started out at 8 mile chena hot springs road with chase and family, hunter, eric and val, chris, amanda and myself.
Guests: mickey, i invited her.
Had to stop on the way out due to the roads being pretty bumpy and needing to tighten my straps. I was the o ly one that towed.
I started the lead and without issue until i lost a mirror on the washout area. The washout was littered with what looked to be driftwood. Chase had an axe and made quick work of getting a few fallen trees out of the way. The washouts were pretty steep. Slate hill was not too bad until the snow drifts. Chase was in the white taco and took numerous runs at it and finally plowed through. Chris ended up pulling him backwards in order to help chase make additional attempts. Hunter, Eric and i made it through without issue. We made our way up to the "lunch spot" and then proceeded to eat lunch and take poser shots. We ended up getting turned around a bit but regrouped after about midway to the lion's back. A few of us aired down which really made a notable difference in ride quality over the bumpy rocks. Upon reaching the lions back everyone that attempted it made it to the top without issue. There was not as much "slate" on the hill. The snow must have pulled it down the hill when it was melting... Kinda like a glacier moving earth. Mostly uneventful on the way out except me nearly rolling coming down the washout. Eric got a good video. I uploaded a bunch of my videos on the A/O youtube channel.

Had lots of fun! Im going to try and salvage my mirror, and swap out my t case. It was making a ticking sounds.. :/
Gallery is up. I know im not the only one that took pics.
Postem up!
Also loaded some videos up to youtube

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