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Clean Up Day Ride 2016
I'm not sure who the trail boss was. But here is a little bit from the ride.

Those present:
Mel and Coworker
Brian and kids
Eric and Val
Petey and Amanda
Donald and John
Eric S and family
Brandon and Gianna

If I missed you then post up and let me know.

We hit Gilmore after picking up trash. Pretty uneventful for the most part. This is the first time I've ever been on this trail. A few folks got behind after someone got stuck in a mud hole. Ole had some overheating issues which turned out to be the fan clutch. Tried to fix it but didn't work and he headed back. The main group went on to FCT. Chris and Adriana headed home at this point. Chris with brake issues and Adriana for some reason. Very minimal stopping which is nice. It can mean less pics and video but it means more wheeling.

Took the historic trail entrance. At the 4-way Donald decided he would be heading back as the pig was using too much fuel. Gave him 5 gallons to hope he made it back into town. Everyone else decided to follow suit. Took the waterfall exit as it's shorter and not as bumpy. Stopped at the creek in the snow/ice for the group shot. Some went and looked at the waterfall. Got back to the road entrance and some took the highway home and a few of use headed back through Gilmore. Really uneventful until the mud hole. The mud was like wet cement. Doc gave her all he had then ended up riding the side. Most all that followed did the same. Eric in Big Momma just went right through it and the wall even. I came through last with little issues. Some video was taken at this spot. Back at the trail head trailers were loaded up and folks headed out. All in all a pretty easy fun trip.

If you have pics be sure to upload them in our gallery. Also if you have video upload them on to our YouTube channel. You can share the youtube link for others to view. I didn't get many pics and only little video. I may have time tomorrow to try and throw something together but need more videos.

Hoping to have time to sit down and put together some more short videos and one good one. Should've slowed down part of the mud pit a little more. Also need to grab pics from the site since I didn't take hardly any.
I was there, fat kid in the red Cherokee
I knew I was missing someone. I already deleted the video I took of people at the meeting.
I left with brake issues and tweaked steering. I believe the brakes might have just gotten hot or some other weird fluke (pedal would go to the floor, no fluid loss) because they work like a charm now. Might have been an air bubble as well. Steering is still tweaked. Drove it in today so I can pressure wash it and see what's broke, or bent.
If anyone has pics from the first half of Gilmore upload them to the gallery. The few I have and all the ones I've gotten from others is from FCT and the second half of Gilmore.
Finally threw this one together. I've been working on it 5 min at a time when I can. I keep forgetting to bring my HD with music to work. So the music is what it is.

Good Job Mel, wish I would of went back with the group, but I probably would of been still out there out of gas
We had more gas.

I don't have any pics from the FCT part and none from going in Gilmore. I know some were taken by others they just aren't here and it's too much to track them down through Facebook. I'm hoping I can get the time in June to put a 10 min or so video together of several rides. We shall see.
Great job Mel! I like the speed adjustment on my attempt at the soup.

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