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M&G trophies and donations
Post up some ideas for trophies and donations for the silent auction or door prizes. I know Brandon had tons of ideas.

I thought maybe if some of us could get together we may be able to make some things for the auction not just buy stuff to donate. Seeing some of the things Brandon has been posting on Facebook has been giving me some ideas.
Pistons with clock insert.
Still my favorite for useful trophy
Like this?

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1393&stc=1]

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I like that better. I recall the clock in the top of the piston. This looks more simple to make.
I like it. Now who can make them?
Who has pistons?
I have 6, but need to be pulled out of a 4.3 V6 sitting on the floor of my shop. I could make it happen if needed. Same size piston as a 350 V8 Chevy.

I'd have to look, but I probably have a few from a 6.2 laying around as well.....
Question is do we want to do that as an auction donation? Only good way I see it working for trophies would be to have 3 different sizes. Need to look into clock sizes and how to make them fit correctly.
May be able to do them all the same size with an engraved plate stating place. Possibly paint them even.
I have 8 350 pistons in my garage already pulled. I also have red and blue and maybe white paint from the last trophy's from a few years back. Y'all are welcome to them. maybe this weekend during the teardown party a few can sit off to the side and work on them. just a thought.

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