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7 May 2016 meeting minutes
Members present If I missed you let me know. I think I got everyone though.
Mel and coworker Nate
Adriana and friend
Donald and John
Eric and Val
Eric S and family
Brian and kids
Brandon and Gianna
Petey and Amanda

Clean up day there wasn't much trash
Possible adopt a highway. Vote at June meeting.

Wolverine voted in as a vendor

Past rides- none

Upcoming rides-
55 mile 14 may. Check the forums.
Members only Memorial Day run

Officer Nominations
Treasurer- Mel
Equipment manager- Brandon, Gianna
VP- Eric F.

Banner is still missing. Please everyone go through your stuff and look for it.

M&G need to do trophies
Come up with items for donation.
Wheeling the week prior

June meeting 4 June 2016. BBQ. 1500

Trail bosses be sure to check vehicles for equipment before rides.

Upcoming builds
21-22 May vehicle tear down and build at Brandon's.
Val and I had a good time . Dogs survived the ride.
thanks for picking up my slack mel. looks like a great trip.
it was a good morning
AO gallery open

Get your pics in the right spot for posterity.
Kozmo Wrote:thanks for picking up my slack mel. looks like a great trip.
Yep. Just get better soon so I don't have to do it too often. Wink
We forgot to remind everyone about the clothing order.
Posted up months ago, then handed over to Randy.

The thread has been dead. Quote is probably not valid, but prices shouldn't be much different. Revive that thread if anyone wants swag. It is always courteous to Trademark to enter as big of an order as possible.

Remember that you can look over the clothing catalog:

Meet n Greet safety orange order could be done if anyone wants stuff. Not sure that more than 3 of us are going, which makes an order not worth it.
Updated the first post with folks present.

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