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After The Clean Up Run
Depending on the time we get done, I need about 4 strong peeps to assist with the lifting of the tub off my FJ40. Everything will be disconnected (most of it already is), just need the manual labor to lift it off and set it on some supports so I can work on it and the frame separate.
I should be able to help.
You said strong peeps so I'm out. May still swing by to supervise.

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I am game
i'm in if we're back early enough.
I can help
I am very thankful that so many have replied and offered assistance. I appreciate it.
I'm sure we will stop in.
sorry Chris i had to turn out and head home after FBKS Creek truck wasn't driving quite right. i think i lost my rear Brakes . they partially locked up and now there real soft
No problem. Thanks to Brian, Brandon, George and Mel for the hands. Job took less than 10 min.

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The brakes giving up on the 80 during the Gilmore part of the run (again) may have been a blessing in disguise. I managed to have the 40 tub completely unbolted and ready to lift off. Thanks to Brian, Mel, Brandon and George for stopping in after your long day to assist in its removal. It was super easy, rolled it out of the garage, pulled the tub off and set it on the ground. Rolled the frame back into the garage and put the tub in front of the garage on some ole Dodge tires. All of this took less than 10 min.

Now I can do fuel lines, exhaust, gas tank install, and frame gusseting/bracing. The tub can be worked on out side, the bottom of it has some serious rust issues.

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