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April 9th Repp rd, Birthday run
I will try to remember all the details but I might need some help from those that attended.

Doc Brian/and girls
Eric Soto
Ryan Kramer
AK Pete/Amanda
Eric Holeski/Jenelle
Brandon Wilson

Arrived at the Peede extension around 0900, we all chatted and talked about future upgrades. A little after 0920 we all lined up behind Doc and set out. the extension was hard packed with a few soft spots, we took a right off the main trail which took us to a slough, simple crossing no issues. Most made it up the other side in 2WD, Eric H was showing off and did it in FWD. Down the trail we came across a downed tree across the trail, Doc and Eric H had no issues hopping over it, but those with open front diffs and longer wheel base had to work at it. Ryan hit it a few times before getting one wheel over and high centered his front axle on the log, with the hard pack and wedging the passenger wheel on the log Doc setup to winch the Yota over. Eric H went next and made it look easy. I was next and after bumping it a few times I got a wheel over and the read went left into a cluster and trees hooking the bumper and locking me in place. The winch line came out again, with the assistance of Doc's Jeep and winch and a lot of unsettling noise from my rear quarter panel the tree decided I did not need my rear bumper anymore! Carnage #1. Pety's 44" made light work of the tree, but his wheelbase and turning radius made it interesting when he applies the skinny pedal.

From there we wandered through the woods and came out to the clearing at the end of Peede Extension. Here we decided to do a group photo. While we were out snapping pics with our phones, Doc wondered off the get a better angle and ended up next to a campfire coal bed. which was still HOT! After kicking some wood flames appered. Doc Eric S and I grabbed our shovels and a tarp and gathered some snow to put out the abandoned fire pit. Whilw we were taking a break, I took the time to inspect my rear bumper, and yep still bent and broken. Guess now I have to build a new bumper.

Heading out we found some water but the ground still frozen it was easy going, but we did flex out the rigs on every cut out section we could find. We ended up where a tree decided to spear my other Blazer a few years back, but this time it decided to throw me sideways and pin my right rear corner into the bank and with no traction from my open diff front axle I was stuck. Doc, Ryan, and Eric S. jumped in to hook up my winch line so I could pull me strait. after everyone made it over this bank, I took the chance to look at the right rear corner, carnage #2, cracked tail light lens.

From there we made our way to the 4 way and took a left, not wanting to tackle the ledge that everyone battled last run. hitting a few rutted sections and drop-offs getting some nice flex shots, we decided to trun around and head back to the 4 way and took the left towards the bunker then out to the road.

From there we followed the power line easement playing in the water until Doc found an nice ledge to crawl up. we all took out turn this little cutout, the short wheel base rigs had to bump it and hit it at the right angle not to wedge and roll a bead. the open dana 60 rigs had to do the same but add some throttle and momentum to get up the hill. Pety and his long wheel base 44" SS and lockers made it look like a Sunday drive.

I had a great time and wanted to thank those who could make it out for the run. If I have missed any details please throw them in so we have the whole story. Thanks Doc for setting up a gallery for pictures, but the pictures and videos on FB look great, thanks everyone for posting them up.
Stick your favorite pics in the AO gallery.
Mel is planning a montage at the end of the year and the higher quality ones here will do much better.
Sounds like a great trip. I do plan on making a fee videos throughout the year of runs so yes good pics here work great.

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