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Spring Equinox Standard Creek Run
Eric Soto, Nicole and all the kids
George (with the G, not the J) with Mel riding

Met up at Gold Hill, then dropped...literally...Ryan's trailer at Ester Park. Ryan's bro had used the truck and swapped Ryan's balls were too little and the trailer came loose as he backed the Yota off. No harm done.

We toodled up the Old Nenana to the Standard Creek trail head.
Headed down to the first major loop to the left. We went down into the bottom. Eric was wheeling the FJ and not sure he wanted to try and come back up that part of the trail. He got high centered once and we pushed him forward, but not enough, so Ryan towed him back a bit so he could eventually work through with 3 guys pushing.

Ryan had a ?? transient cooling system leak. We stopped for him to add some water, then off we went.

In the bottom was the old cut to the west we followed a couple years ago. We turned left and headed up there. Some tough going due to snow conditions. George had issues popping out of 4low, so tried to adjust the linkage, and finally removed the shifter shaft, manually leaving in in 4low. We had to strap Eric, and finally aired down from 30 PSI to 20 PSI, which seemed to help. The kids wanted to ride with me, so they kept cycling through. We went in to a "turn around" and opted to go back rather than down the trail off to the right, which was narrow with stumps on both sides and a thing snowmachine trail down the middle.

We headed back toward the main road. This was easy, and Cheyenne wanted some wheeling, so I moved into the powder and worked through some tough snow. ON the little pond, I started doing some donuts...which Eric's youngest (Lake) called "cookies." Then the kids had to ride with me to do more. At one point I got in full spin mode, 4low, 4 gear...we were hauling the mail for sure. Eric finally got a couple quality spins, Ryan knocked out a couple. Back at the road we hooked back up with the main Standard Creek road and headed further along. Just across the train tracks we went into the play area, did a few climbs, took some pics, then moved on.

We took the right Y and headed up the trail to Cache creek (and Murphy Dome Road), but stopped at the play hill. The hill has changed a lot, as someone dug up the old platform and now a couple of piles and a big hole greet wheelers. I ran around the hill, and dropped into the snow filled hole. It was a little deep with snow, but made it.

Everyone started eyeing the bigger drop off the plateau and into the bottom where I had just come. Mel jumped down to help us decide if it was filled with drifted snow (and hence a near vertical drop) or if we could wheel it. Once happy it was passable, I worked my way up the only access and then dropped in. Eric Soto's kids wanted rides, so I took 3 of the 4 down. Several videos have appeared on Facebook.

We then stacked up for a group shot, then worked our way out. We finally stopped and let George manually shift the tcase out of 4low, then we headed back to the Ester park.

Kick +++ day.

Evidently I taught Eric's kids that the handle on the Jeep dash is the "oh ++++ bar." Sorry Eric and Nicole!
4low shifter in George's newly updated rig.
Some ?? coolant issue with Ryan's Yota, that didn't seem to phase the trip.
My power steering pump complaining.

Thanks to all who came, this was a really fun run for Standard Creek!

Gallery up.

Eric Soto seems to have had so much fun with AO, that he wants that membership vote. He is eligible for vote in April

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