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Repp 3-6-16
eric & val

We all met up at 9:00 morning at the corner of Brock and Peede. Jimmy was the first stuck of the day!! I came around the corner to find jimmy had tried to park his truck on the hard pack with the trailer. Well that didn't work out so well for him. Unhooked the trailer and managed to get his truck unstuck on his own power. He was just happy to get out before doc showed up with his camera. We sat around for awhile before we took off.
I led the way with jimmy, Eric & Val, John and doc tail gunning. Ran down peede extention to the head of the trail where I figured out I had a blown fuse for my fan. Replaced the fuse while doc heckled me. I was waiting on some ratchet strap remarks. But he missed his opportunity. Headed down the trail and came to the first slough crossing. I hit it a couple of times before I made it over the top then Got stuck on a tree that crossed the trail. Uggghhh. Out came the ax. Removed the tree and got out of the way for everyone else to come up. Jimmy made it look easy. Eric unintentionally removed his right rear iner and outer fender before he made it. John took a couple try's then crawled up. Doc bounced of the rev limiter while he blasted up. Continued on cutting trees off the trail and poped out on the pipe line. Had another short b.s. Session and started the other half of the trail. the snow had filled in a lot of the holes which allowed us to make great time. Hung a left at the four way and headed out to the wood cutting area. We all proceeded to take are own path as we weaved in and out of the trees. We turned around and took the trail back out. Went back down the way we came and went down the other side of the four way. Where we wanted to check out another slough crossing. Jimmy and I went through and up without to much trouble. Eric became hi-centered and proceeded to really dig out a hole with his rear tires. Johns turn. He slammed into the cut bank several times and wasn't able to get his font end up. Tried several different lines with no luck. I'm amazed his truck held up. Man he hit that thing hard!! Doc was last one to tr. He sat there for a little bit staring at the three foot under cut bank working on a game plan. Tried it head on with little success. He back up and tried riding up either side and only managed to get his front tires over but not the rear. Doc gave it hell butt never made it up. We all turned around again and headed back to the main trail. Finished the trail with little trouble. Ended up driving down the power line back to jimmys truck.

Had a great time thank you to everyone that came out. Can't wait for the next run!!!!!!!!
Sorry I missed it. I've been dying to go wheel.
You missed a great kick off to the wheeling season!
I know pictures are on Facebook, but gallery opened.
Thanks for letting me tag along! I enjoyed the show riding behind Kramer's beast! Really though, there wasn't a rig in the line that didn't put on a show today! Really cool run.
definitely was a blast. and great meeting a new face

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