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Clean Up Day 2016 *EDITED*
Clean Up Day events. Updated 4 May 2016

We will meet for clean up at 0800 at Gilmore trail.

The meeting will follow immediately after.

Trail ride as soon as the meeting is over. Bring your own lunch this year

Meeting Agenda (will be updated):
Officer Nominations for June Meeting. VP Treasurer and Equipment Manager (didn't vote on this one last time)
Any past rideds
Meet and Greet week
Future rides. There are several being scheduled right now
Vendor vote for Wolverine.
Should we start chatter about which trail to do?

Fairbanks Creek with or without Cleary-Gilmore
55 mile
how passable is 55 mile in early May?
Depends on snow. Been up there in may more than once. But get a late snow and you may not make it to the slate hill even.

I think weather between now and then will greatly determine the trail choices.
I vote 55mi!!
Been wanting to hit that trail but have never been able to, plus we will be camping out there anyway that weekend for girl scouts, would work out great if others want to hit that trail.
I am cool with 55 mile.
I have to get a clutch slave cylinder here and on ASAP.
Kasi wants to do 55mi as well, I'll have to get her jeep up and running in a hurry and find where I put the SYE for it......
Per usual I will be there for clean-up as well as the run. Should have the family in tow at least for the clean up.
If it's going to be 55 mile that's fine but if the group is the normal size it will need split into two groups. 55 is not a 10-15 rig trail. I've tried that before and people sat to much waiting.

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Was Gilmore decided on at the meeting?
Gilmore was picked for the run.
Edited the original post.
What area is being cleaned? I thought another group got our usual spot.

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I don't know. Yes another group tool the spot and was cleaning it yesterday. I don't know what areas aren't taken and where people wanna pick up trash.

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We could see if we could join diesel 907's clean up area
My unit is cleaning mile 352-353 at 0945 on Saturday. We could join them.

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Clean up day will be at th trail head for Gilmore trail,we well pick up around that area have the meeting then hit the trail. Same start time 8:00.
No lunch.

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I will be dropping Gavin off at 8am at Angle Rocks and then head home to grab the jeep. Will be late as usual. Since we aren't doing 55mile Kasi wont' be able to come, will have to resurrect the purple jeep for the next run...Will be running the atv's up 55mi Sunday
Updated the first post again.

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I plan to be there.
so are we doing just gilmore and breaking for lunch or are we doing Fbks Creek too?
Peter and I will be there. We have a friend with us to
So Gilmore at 8am
Have fun. Won't be able to make the run or meeting

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