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Farewell Saturday
Saturday March 5th. All day.

In prep for moving, I'll be hosting a:
garage cleaning / packing / yard cleaning / BBQ / trash hauling / free firewood Saturday.

I'll be separating garage content into piles: goes with me / goes to dump / gets sold or given away.

Cleaning extra stuff out of the yard.

Cleaning brush and bonfire (depending on wind)

I have about 120 trees cut down in the back yard. Unfortunately all cotton wood. However, they are free to anyone who will take them. 4" to 18" diameter. Cut last spring when leaves first started coming out, and they leafed out when on the ground (sucking moisture out of the trunks) should be fairly dry.

I'll be up and at it early, will spend several days in the garage... Come whenever you can and stay as long as you want. Brats and burgers and buns and drinks supplied. Bring a side if you wish.
There are also some spruce the wind knocked down free to anyone who cuts and hauls them off.
I'll plan on being there.
I will be in Big Lake that weekend. I can help the weekend after if you still need help.
No can do.
Hope you get everything done!
Will be there with the wife and a kid or two
I will be there with a chainsaw Smile and looking through kevins piles of chevy parts!
I'm planning on leaving NP about 0700 with George if anyone wants to join us at that time. Hope to see several folks down there.
The wife and I will be there around 11:00.
Moving my SP time to 0715. Got to have enough time to stop for coffee and a snack.
Will we be meeting up at Sourdough Mel?
I have to meet someone who is flying up from Anchorage in the morning, so not sure what time we'll be done. Anita and I will head down as soon as we can, I hope to leave by noon.
Yeah sourdough.
Awesome day, thanks AO! The picture is super cool and the fire pit ring is amazing. Thanks for all the help today and through the years. Unfortunately I'll never be a part of a better of road group... Because AO is the best.
[Image: d2584305eca0990c0729b848d32c5712.jpg]
[Image: 8cbe072a26fa5d093c310b8d40e4d8c3.jpg]
[Image: 531a2d84536bbbe3d6acab340a45bbc2.jpg]
[Image: 604125cd9b7a4caf1590f82f5e3afd26.jpg]
[Image: 782e80e42e653c4fe2133e3d5c6f6224.jpg]
I could have drawn that! Wink keep me in mind for drawings /awards in the future. I would have been honored to draw one up for kevin. Kevin kinda took me under his wing and showed me the majority of the ropes before and after i became a member. It took me 5 years to become a member!
Just remember Kevin, this is not goodbye. It is we will see Y'all later. Thank you for everything you have done for the club and our family.

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