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New to site
My name is Justin, I have a 1990 suburban and soon will be ready this summer to break in my truck.

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Welcome to the site. Look forward to meeting you. Check out the new to site section for some info about the club. Keep an eye on the meeting section for the upcoming March meeting.
Welcome to the site, are you coming up north or staying in the valley?
Thanks, I was wondering if there was groups that wheel in the valley, I live in anchorage.
And sorry for the delay of response, I just blew a intake gasket on my Burb, I'm digging into it today. #@$%&*×₩@@

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There are lots of groups, more so down there the. Up here in Fairbanks. I will let some others post up names as I not that familuar with all of them. Look on FB, I know "Ak extreme four wheelers" is having meeting coming up and you could also look on "Ak 4x4 network" for other local clubs. Make sure you check out as many as possible to find a good fit for your wheeling style and rig.
Thanks, these forums and clubs rock.

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In the valley check out 2 Broke 2 Play. Awesome folks there. They are on Facebook if you do the Facebook thing as well.

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