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Gun Raffle
If anyone is interested the Midnight Sun Sharpshooters are holding a gun raffle. For those that don't know these are highschool kids who shoot precision air and smallbore rifles. They are raising money to help pay for a trip to Ft. Benning, GA for the national championships in July, to buy new equipment and ammo (you think regular .22lr is expensive try buying high end match ammo).

Ok so on to the guns and the raffle. There will be 2 drawings. One will be for a Remington 700 in 300 win mag with a scope. The other will be for either a Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm or Glock 17 , winners choice. In all reality you don't have to get any of those. We aren't buying the guns. We are going to give the winners a $500 gift card to Sportsmans for the purchase of said guns. But when you get to here you can out it towards another gun if you like.

The drawing will be April 25th or when all tickets are sold. 864 total if I remember correctly. Tickets are $10 ea. Cash and check are accepted.

If you wish to purchase tickets contact me. I'll do my best to meet up with you somewhere. Also during open shoot times at TVSA someone there should have some to sell.
Ill buy a couple. I'll stop by your work on Friday.
I will take a couple
put me down for 2
Sounds good. Thanks guys. Feel free to spread the word. There are many others selling tickets as well. TVSA should have some too if you go during the open shoot times.
Still selling these if anyone wants some. Shane I'll meet up with you this upcoming week.
Randy you didn't come by. Let me know and I'll meet up with you.
Did I win yet?
Not yet. I think you had to buy more to win. Lilli wasn't a great sales person.
akram Wrote:Randy you didn't come by. Let me know and I'll meet up with you.

Sorry work keeping me busy, ill get with you today.

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