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Needing help with rear shock bolt on a jeep tj
So I guess this is common problem with tjs. For the rear shock bolts to break. So of course one of my bolts are broke. I was wondering if anyone can help me out with a welder or a blow touch. I looked it up and you have to lift the body up to extract the bolt. Has anyone done this before ?
Is this a rear shock? Bar pin style?
What is a bar pin style?

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Looks like this

[Image: 2d08629aa991c1e482abec28675d4e88.jpg]
That is the upper rear on a TJ...yep.
Goes into nut zurts if I remember right.
Yup looks like that

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But there is not a nut it's just a bolt that screws I may do a bolt and nut after I get that bolt out

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Get a small drill bit...drill out the broken bolt then I bet you could thread it IN with a skinny screwdriver, clearing the nut zurt.

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