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Repp 2/6/2016, First run of the year
First Run of 2016
Followed breakfast meeting at Deb's Cafe, which was pretty tasty I thought.

Weather: partly cloudy, around 10 degrees

Brian: Dr. Brian
Ryan K: Kozmo
Marek: AE
Katie D ("Beep" on first run for her)

Met up at Repp
Headed out. Sled trail packed hard and was easy going until the hard left to the loop through the birch.
No one had gone this way, and the crusty, corn snow was interesting.
Crossing the slough Katie had some issues as her 4wd would not engage. Marek finally figured it out and she was off and running.

All the heavy snow last fall pressed down many alders across the trail. Some I chopped down, others we ran over. We picked our way until the midpoint of the loop when we came up on a series of bigger trees blocking our trail. I managed to drive over them.

Marek and Katie were too low to get over.
Marek winched off me, then Katie tried to winch off Marek. Her new Quadratec 9,000 pound winch failed, possibly on its first ever pull. Not sure if a clutch, planetary...guess Marek will let us know.

Ryan climbed over the the logs...even without his front locker. We all need to pressure his wife for a locker anyway.

Just after the logs we regrouped and were getting ready to head out when Ryan reported "something broke." Turns out the bolts holding the tcase and transmission to the crossmember broke or came out. We lifted the tranny, got the poly spacer back in place so the front drive shaft did not hammer on the crossmember and ratchet strapped the transmission down to the frame.

We then headed out. Going was a little slower so we didn't shake anything loose on Ryan's Toy. Marek ended up with a funny noise that turned out to be a stick jammed in the drivetrain.

Back at the trailhead we took the group shot.

I tailed Ryan home as an extra precaution....and to retrieve my ratchet strap.

We voted an alternative screen name for Ryan: "Ratchet Ryan"

Brian: broken Light Force mount...those have needed to come off for years

Katie: 2 fender flares, Quadratec 9K winch, passenger step and tub side, passenger window visor

Ryan: tcase mount

Marek: I don't remember him having anything broken.

Fun day
Thanks for coming out.

I cannot make a gallery...I must have built the 2016 Rides and Events with the wrong sharing, or losing my Officer status has made some other change. Someone needs to change the 2016 Gallery settings so Repp 2/6 can be added.
Sounds like fun. I'll make the gallery and check the permissions.
I didn't create a gallery. But the permissions were wrong so give it another try. If it doesn't work let me know.

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