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The Addiction
This Wednesday after a lot of waiting I am picking up another Toyota. This one is a 2001 Tacoma Prerunner. For those unfamiliar the Toyota prerunner is a 2WD truck that actually used the 4x4 frame, Body, and suspension. This is a crew cab non TRD model. It's been beat pretty beat, but the engine runs good. Being the crew cab model it is a Automatic transmission. I have both a 4 runner "flint stone mobile" and Bio Hazard that can / will provide most all the parts for the intial conversion.

The Flinstone mobile is going to donate:
*5sp manual transmission and all required parts, pedals, slave, master, hyd lines
*transfer case
*front driveline
*front differential
*axle shafts

Bio Hazard is going to donate:
*OME lift kit

Things needed to complete the swap:
*TRD locker- sourced from Marek
*rear driveline - sourced from junk yard
*ball joints
*front hub bearings
*2001 MT /4x4 /3.4-PCM - found some online for $$$
*Shift knobs and center counsel with 5sp boot
nice. so have you decided which 1 of your builds your concentrating on 1st? camaro,landcruizer,work truck tacoma or the new double cab?
your getting quite the collection of builds again.
He must be off his meds again.:fishslap:
anyone with a Toyota is off there meds...I am currently back on jeeps are proof...
Get something ready to wheel!
The V8 swap is still going in, waiting on twin stick order and for Chris to find a VSS so I can send our computers off for programming. When I get back from Vacation in Feb. I should be rebuilding the T-Case.
Wait, what I was waiting on you for twin stick orders. Check our super secret FB page wink wink

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