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February Meeting
January Meeting Minutes Wrote:Next meeting

Saturday morning February 6th. Sounds like breakfast meeting and a possible ride after. Location, time and possible ride to be determined

Lets get this figured out very soon.

Things I know for the agenda:

Member ATV rides
My option:
Breakfast @ Bruegers...bagel, short meeting and go.
Run on Standard Creek
Not much room there for a meeting. You can fit what 5 people in there.
should kalee meeting if it's not to early. wife will have only few hours sleep after work
How about sourdough sams. Should be able to fit everyone if it isn't packed or if want to do a short bagel stop and have the meeting outside. How about Saterday the 13th?
The 6th will be fine. Sorry Mel my little brain missed that part. Haha
Eric and I will be there. There is also The Bakery on College or the Oasis on University. Neither are very big but... I also found but always forget that the Roundup on S. Cushman serves breakfast and there is Deb's Cafà on Van Horn road but I can't remember how big it is.
Deb's has a room off to the side that's big enough. We've had parties there before.
so has there been a decision made on when and where yet?
I am going to check with Deb's today.
I have Deb's set up for Saturday at 9:00 am.
Any wheeling if it is warm?
So are we wheeling Saturday? Beep and I are planning to go after the meeting...
Will attend MTG, wont be able to wheel :-(
I got a job to do saturday. No wheeling for me. Just the meeting.
I'm going to try and make the meeting but definitely not wheeling. I know I owe some people stickers, Marek, and if I'm there I'll have them with me. I still need dues from a few people as well. You need to pay up or make arrangements with me or you will be dropped.
I'll be there for the meeting. Won't be going on a ride though
9 mile or Repp
Wing it based on who is going.
Doc you read my mind i could probably make a repp run
repp sounds good, I am bring my 17 yo daughter on her first trip. she will be wheeling her own jeep
We will head out the extension, cross the slough through the Birch trees. Should be low traffic and not punishing
The meeting will start at 9:00 sharp.
Is that AO time or Alaska standard time?...LOL
I'll be at the meeting, don't know if I'll be on the run though.

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